Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An update!


Here's and update! :)
Sometimes when I update, I tend to update too many. xD

In case you haven't read the recent updates, here's the link to them. Just click on the coloured sentence.



So, school as been fine; boring as usual.
I haven't got the time to really blog or watch TV lately. So, I apologise for the straight three entries I've posted. xD
Anyway, Poly's seriously not a slacking place! :(
I'm struggling with Accounting! LOL.

Have to work doubly hard now.

Anyway, I think our school's CMS (Course Management System) really CMI Cannot Make It. =.= It's a service provided by our school for students to do e-learning. However, I can't access it with my laptop but only my desktop! :( I can't do my assignment nor study la! -.- Why must they use that thingy~~ LOL. Aren't hard copies better?! -.-

Okay okay! This post is getting a little pointless for now. xD


Gary's really lame today! He was so bored, he kept disturbing Darius and me during our lecture. We were infront of Gary. Thus, Gary kept tapping onto our shoulder and telling us really stupid things such as...:
"Nothing. :)"
"I'm really bored."
"My laptop battery is running out."

Maybe because Stephanie didn't attend school today so Gary didn't have someone to accompany him when he's dead bored! lol.

FYIFor You Info, Stephanie and Gary are like our clique's laughing buddha! LOL! They laugh at minor things, even at each other and they both laugh the loudest! LOL! They are mostly seen around each other. =x

Lim Guan's really obsessed with our Web Application Development lecturer, Mr Scott Jones! LOL! During lecture, she was looking at him rather than the screen! &&& I found out she didn't pay attention! LOL. Damn cute!

Actually, I like that lecturer too! The best looking one. =x

Alright! Off to do some studying! xD
Can't believe I've said that. & I'm seriously going to do it! :(

***OH YEAH! Forgot to include some points~
Currently, my classmates are starting to tease me!!! :( 
There's nothing wrong with being short or being named Jasmine okay! Hehe.
&&& I've got a new classmate name Siyi! :)


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