Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The trip to Sentosa with Simin, Christina and Huanqing was FUN!

Sorry that I'm only updating it today when it has happened like a few days ago?! Haven't been free nor did I have all the pictures we've took! xD

Simin, Huanqing and I met up in the NEL MRT! :) The first few things we wanted to do was to get Christina's desired Guess wallet, a Birthday gift for Clara and Simin brother's present!
We haven't been very free to do shopping so we had to meet early to get everything.

We wanted to get the wallet Christina was eyeing for a while but it was out of the trend thus, we waited for that emo Christina for her to choose one she likes.
Christina was emo-ing when she met us. :( Heard that she met up with her ex and he made her cry! BAD GUY! LOL. Then, I wanted to comfort her by holding her hand. In the end, she cried again! :(:(:(:(:( She said it's because he held her hand too. Zzz

It's okay! Girls do wonders! LOL~! The GUESS wallet gave her a reason to SMILE! :D Hehe.

Then then then, we shopped and took pictures! :)
ARG! I can't send the pictures taken with my phone to my laptop! :( Guess I'll just have to upload them again next time. xD

After shopping, we went over to SENTOSA!
When we reached the location, we wanted to chill at the beach first. But, we saw Clara rushing to another place thus, we wished her and told her we'll be going over soon. xD

Chilled in the beach and camwhored! LOL! Christina and Huanqing are really funny bitches! LOL. You can't get enough of laughing when they are both around! HAHAH.

After an hour or two of slacking, we decided to head to the BBq~ That's what we were there for! :)

Really have to thank Clara for inviting us over to her BBQ Birthday Celebration! :)

So, we filled our tummy, spent time chatting, wished Clara again, hugged Clara, gave her her birthday present and left about two hours later? LOL! Her mother is a very young and nice person!!! LOL. :)

Oh yeah! Clara's Birthday Cake was damn big! LOL. &&&& it was very nice. :D

So after spending time over at the chalet place, we went and headed to AMK. :)
Met up with Gary, Darius, Aaron, Nicholas and Eugene to pass them the candy I've promised to buy for them. :D Hope they liked it. ^^

Then, I rushed home. CURFEW~~ LOL.


At the first alighting point. xD We alighted at the wrong one la! LOL.

Us emo-ing. =x HAHAH!

I was the photographer! :)
Christina and Simin!

Christina took this nice shot! :)


The funnest shot!

Our tripod stand for the camera! xD

Crazy/Cute bitch and Skinny Bitch! LOL.

Then, I can't remember what happened; but Christina started chasing after Huanqing! LOL.

Christina and her signature pose! LOL.

Christina took a few artistic shot of Simin! LOL.

Best shot! LOL.
I was beside Christina so, she asked Simin to look at me and smile! LOL.

Here's another few shots! LOL.

BEST! :)

US and Clara!

From left to right:
Huanqing, ME, Clara, Christina & Simin! :)

GAH! I look so weird in shorts! :(

At our boarding station, ready to leave! :)


Behind us, there was some show going on! LOL. Too bad we weren't able to have the fireworks right behind us! :( Missed it! HAHAH.

THAT's ALL ! :)

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