Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2nd Post Again!

WOOOO! I'm blogging again! HAHAH! Sorry people, I'm being long-winded again. xD
But actually, I'm blogging again because of Soohou! (: He asked me to thank him in my blog because he has something I really need badly.

(My thanks are so much better & bigger! xD)

Anyway, I have been reaching home around 8pm these days. I think I'm addicted to post-class activities with friends. xD Ohh ya! Reminds me of something I've come out with yesterday:

Well, for the whole DPA program, Simin Christina Clara Huanqing Melissa and I have been really really close. While Clara Huanqing and I were strolling to Simin's place yesterday, I suggested something really stupid. LOL! I told them we should be named 160 because none of us has the height that is above that number. xD Then, when we talked about it again- they said we should be named 150s instead. Because, 160 sound as if we can never reach that. LOL! Really cuteee~

Had a great time at Huanqing's house chatting and spending most of my time uploading pictures for my blog. xD Can't blame me for updating so many times today- Huanqing wants an update from me. Hahaha.
Reminds me of another thing- we all agree that going over to Huanqing's place is really expensive. The bus fare is $1.30 per trip lorh. =.= What more, I was so good to volunteer to chase after the bus when we almost miss it!! People who knows me, should know why it's a big deal I chased the bus. Hate these stupid things, to be attracting unnecessary attention. Zzz

Get to understand more about Huanqing too! Felt a little useless at first when I knew about it- we have been friends for so long... But then again, I can't think that way.
HUANQING don't worry, I'm your BEST FRIEND! You can count on me and tell me ANYTHING! xD

I think I'm seriously influenced by my clinque for this program. Serious. LOL!
Anyway, had a nice long chat with Carlo on the way home.
Carlo, don't lie about being straight la. It's so obvious you kept observing that person! HAHAH~

SHIT! Long post. Zzz Okay, I think I'll let my blog hibernate for sometime because I have been blogging too much! heh.
I'm going to study now!
I think I should reconsider my aspect regarding such personalities. It's so good to see someone so confident and driven to do something. Additionally, I saw the charm and beauty that is not usually seen in the usual. Aww~ I'm attracted! LOL~ Nah, doubt so. xD

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