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HELLO! It's been a while eh? Alright, not very long- it has only been about 2 days? (: Anyway, as the title has suggested- this is a summary post of the past few days~ I haven't been doing summary for a very long time, since O Level's English paper. HAHA! Okay, random. Zzz

Oh yeah! I forgot to do the movie review for "The Leap Years". Watched it with Edmond and Weibin on Monday because almost all my friends have watched it already. ): My ratings for this movie; 8.5/10. I missed the start though.

Despite missing the introduction, I think the movie is great and very touching. I, of course teared a little. However, to prove how touching the movie is;
There was this middle aged man sitting beside me. Pretty sad looking at him watch it alone but I think he enjoyed the time with no companion. Anyway, the thing is- He sobbed and teared even more than I did!! I wasn't confirmed initially but then, I started to pay attention to him instead. LOL! I saw him wiping his tears and heard him sob like as if it was some really really sad show about death. xD That's how touching it is. A middle aged man, cried~ (:

(: Here's the summary!


Best Thursday! xD My lecturer was absent so, we were separated. Lucky enough, I was in my clique's class. Had a fun time doing discussions and presenting. Wanted to slack in AMK Hub because we were released early but we end up slacking in school's Mac. Aftermath, we were a little late for the lecture- WE TOTALLY REGRET!
Well, there was a replaced in our lecturer; AGAIN. However, the replacement is SO MUCH better! He was so funny! The best thing, HE TEASED THE DREAMERS AND SORT OF IGNORE THEM! xD The WHOLE class was so high and happy when he made a very sarcastic remark about them. Especially, Carlo and Huanqing.

Huanqing has a new IDOL ! LOL~
Anyway, we've discovered something disgusting. One of the Dreamers kept staring at Simin and even smiled at her! Zzz Like damn disgusting la. Serious. He had this expression like as if he's thinking about how she look without clothes. =.= VERY DISGUSTING! But then again, we suggested that he might be looking at Carlo instead. Since Carlo was able to attract a man in his thirties, a teenage might have a high possibility too isn't it? HAHA!

Simin's a nice catch anyway. =D

After lesson, I was caught in a dilemma- considering whether to go home because I was really tired or to go out with Huanqing and Co. because it's fun with them. In the end, Simin Huanqing Carlo and I went over to AMK Hub to slack. Clara PS-ed us to meet her friend. Lucky him.

So, the four of us walked to AMK Hub from Yio Chu Kang's MRT station because Simin thought it was the right direction to AMK Hub. Zzz Walked extra la. She didn't want to talk the train either. Zzz Troublesome.
Practically slacked in AMK Hub's nEbO. A very nice place to chill. We spend almost three hours chatting about anything under the sun with discussion about couples that appear around us. Carlo's irritating la~ Kept looking at both girls and guys, commenting on how handsome, pretty and ugly they look. Zzz

Well, it was actually my first time observing and discussing about people. We've also realised that Carlo has this weird sense of taste in how someone looks? HAHA! He seems to prefer those studious-looking people.

(= How I wish I own one too! This was taken at Huanqing's house. She took the picture because she was proud to have a series of MacBook in her house. LOL!

Oh yeah! Huanqing's really cute! She likes to emphasize that she's serious when we already know. Imitating her, we kept saying something and ending it off with "Serious, I'm serious." LOL! Her reaction to our teasing was really cute also la! (:
Anyway, I HATE her! She's not loyal~

Huanqing: "Jasmine, you're my best friend."
Jasmine (getting so used to hearing that): "So, how many do you have? 10? 50? 100?"
Huanqing: "1!"
Jasmine: "Sure?"
Huanqing: "Yeah, I say that to everyone." *expose her signature smile!
Zzz! LOL! She's cute la~ &&&, She says that to practically everyone she knows. ):

See what they say about "Like Owner, Like Pet?". =D

Computer Studies! Zzz


Had tuition in the morning. Went pretty well. Glad that she has gotten the hang of it. ^^ Anyway, I've received an email from nuffnang and they are giving me ads! First time, pretty happy. (: I didn't expect to get the number of hits I got. Wow! Continue visiting my long-winded blog okay! hahaha.
Simply slacked at home while waiting for my project research done my members to be sent over, I accidentally deleted them. =X

Did my nails, watched "My Best Pals" and did a summary of the 50 over pages research! Zzz Can you imagine how naggy some of my team mates can be? I've also realised that some facts are actually not relevant at all! Zzz Waste my ink...

Mum went to Batam yesterday for a one day trip. She told many of her friends about her experience there and I think I can memorise it already! LOL! I heard it for like... 4-5 times la~ She's really naggy. hahaha.

After dinner, sat and watched TV with my parents. Then, we started talk about the Indonesian maids we've hired all this while. Jiejie Wati is the third one but we all agree that we prefer the first one... Jiejie Maria~ The one who fried four pieces of our bird nest! hahaha. So funny. xD

Some random pictures! xD

Project-doing in progress!

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