Friday, March 07, 2008

Just don't get it.

I really don't get it.
What I really want from a friend is not just the attention, the good times or the occasion bad moments. Be it good or acquaintance, I'm always the one to learn something from another person or source. Why is this so? I wonder... Is it because I'm not trust worthy enough?
I've tried being genuinely concerned but I not only get cold treatments in return, my concerns are also frequently forgotten. It doesn't matter whether my concerns are remembered but it's inevitable for me to feel hurt and neglected. Like... -.-

Maybe I'm fated to be forgotten as someone who's keen to listen but only remembered as someone who's always talking. Hello people, I have a pair of ears too! &&, I have one more ear than my mouth~ I do listen and only listen to people's complains and/or sorrows okay!
I really hate this, you know~ Like SHIT, I HATE THESE TREATMENTS ! What I hate more is to act as if I don't mind. Zzz

Like I've heard from somewhere :
You can tolerate the spicy-ness of a spicy food and act as if it's not spicy at all.
You can tolerate a piercing pain and act as if it doesn't hurt at all.
However, you can never hide or suppress your inner feelings no matter how hard you try. It'll sooner or later make you suffer or feel miserable.
SHIT! Hate this.

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