Monday, February 18, 2008

Sam's BDay Celebration !


Okay- before I'm going to gab about today's activity here's what I've done yesterday. xD

Went to this Buddha Tooth Relics Temple again, this time for my sister because she wanted to light up some lamps for better luck in the new year . I'm still impressed with everything inside and the status somehow took my breath away again even for the second time.
Wait, a little too exaggerated luh~ (=

Ohh yeah, my Valentine's gift from Yanling. (=
Thanks eh! URG! Forgot to bring yours. PS! (;

**erhum. that's my sister at the bottom right hand corner. (*


(= While my parents were adopting some... hmm... some... err... something lah.


Alright, school today again ! One word ; B-O-R-I-N-G . I have to be frank, don't I? (: Anyway, during class - almost everyone (in the class) was added to this mass chat in MSN. Because I sit in the last row, I saw everyone's MSN blinking nonstop and how some played games or even smirked infront of the computer screen like some retard at our very random and lame conversation. xD We were just chatting for the sake of killing the dead boring time. That was how boring lesson was.

Guess what? -.- We were given this assignment, **like finally, for "Experience the New Web" :
We're suppose to update our blogs with 3 entries per week. The content? Lame~ About what we've learnt in school and our experience in NYP.
Don't worry, I've created another site for that very dry and very lame entries for the lecturers to read. But if you're ever interested, you can read them at -
Which of course I know no one is. haha!
Yeah, lame blog add - I know. But, can't blame me, IT IS all about school - for that matter. xD

Okay, okayy - for the most anticipated content in this entry....... Samuels' Birthday Celebration !!! (=

But before I go there, here's a brief summary :
After class, headed home to rest, left early to meet Yanling a little too early I guess, went to Kovan to get a cake and kill time, headed to Serangoon Garden, met Lance in the bus coincidentally, roamed around to look for a nice dining location, soon decided on "Sushi Tei", settled down and waited for the rest, ate our meal, had the cake, slacked alittle, went to this cafe/bar, slacked again and cabbed home.

I'll do a little elaboration on the way. xD
Yanling and I on the 136 bus to Serangoon Garden. ^^

Well, after we arrive at that place Yanling made a comment something like this :
"Let's have some drink at Coffee Bucks."
& I was like... -.-
"Coffee Bucks, Star Beans?? "
Yanling's like so cute la! LOL !

Then she will start saying "How can you say me?! I'm entertaining you leh~"
I really like Cindy's camera ; or at least I prefer my friends' camera to mine. The quality of the pictures are like ..... )=

The drink for the dinner !
Which means, Green Tea in Jap. (;

The menu~

After settling down for some time, Cindy came. Because we were too bored waiting, waiting & WAITING , tsk tsk, for the rest, we took pictures! (=

See what I mean by WAITING for the rest. LOL !
They were like... an hour late or something ?! tsktsk.

LOL ! I think it's some action from Jay's latest movie.

See what I mean again. LOL ! stupid immitation. x=

The STAR of the night, also the Monkey !


Here's the Chinese "Yu Sheng" - to those who have no idea what the Chinese is talking about when it comes to the Lunar New Year and eating yusheng.

Salmon... YUMMY !

Laying them nicely. (=

Sweetening it..

Adding some Jap sauce...

Starting to eat the crackers even before doing the ..... mixing.. lol.

Very candid. hahah.

Placing all out chopsticks, getting ready while Gary asked Serene to sit beside him.

LOL ! Notice the change in background beside Gary & his wide smile. xD

Then Gary was like...
"Jasmineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~" -.-

The best part of eating Yusheng is the....


The thing I love about yusheng is the special taste - with all the combination of crackers, carrots and stuff. (= &, it's usually seen and consumed only during Lunar New Year ! (;

Yanling's Salad.

Serene's Curry Katso Don

Cindy's Ten Don

My Katso Don

The ambience, service and food is nice. It's worth the price and time to dine there.
But the food is a little serving too big. (; Didn't get to finish up my share.

After dinner,

& some candid shots!


I love to see him smile eh. But when you wanna capture it, it's usually once a year. xD I mean to have many in one day. (=

PS : Serene, the followings, below, are for you~ Don't say I keep pictures okay ! (=

Can you see a little of Serene? (;

The following 3 photos are taken at the HAPPY DAZE Cafe/Bar.

She claim that she look like a ghost eh. LOL! But I think it's not that bad. (=

Pictures of the Birthday Boy and the Cake ! (=

He sure looks happy. xD

Day of the year! hahaha.

Finally, I've succeeded in taking a picture of someone blowing the candles at the right time. zzZ =.=

That hand at the right side belongs to Serene. She's trying to push in the... thing that holds the candle... (X

See that pink thingy? (= That's the thing.
&, Samuel's suppose to take it out with his mouth. ^^

***You might find the following pictures disgusting - but don't worry, Sam ate the portion with his saliva. hahaha !

Gary look so... LOL!

Okay. Sam's expression was like that because we told him there was not cake - which was obviously a lie. xD

Some whole group pictures. ^^

A little sad that no everyone was able to attend the celebration but a small group does just as fine. The companion is what mattered. (=

The place we chilled after Dinner.
Took a few sips form Gary's beer. Can't remember what it was called.
Sad that I wasn't able to join them drinking. )= CURFEW!! & I didn't like to rush to finish up a drink. I like Cindy's drink too. Very... nice. haha!

Alright - Yanling and I cabbed to my house's bus stop because of my curfew and the fact that I was feeling sleepy. Zzz not because of the liquor but the long day~~

Okay ! She's much fairer now - although you can't see much difference from the pictures.

Her artpiece for tonight! -.-

Okay, okay!
I'm like tearing now. -.-

Can't stand the fact that I'm always taking a very long time to blog. Zzz

It's like... 03:36 AM now larh! -.-

A good thing I don't have classes on Tuesdays! (=

Ohh yeah,
who wanna watch "JUNO", "PS. I LOVE YOU" & the yet to be on screen "THE LEAP YEARS"
Tell me okay. ^^

I mean...
Morning !
Sleep, sleep - I need some SLEEP!
PS : I love the latest version of MSN Messenger!!! LOL.
Ohh yeah! I'm really nervous! My friends are getting their JAE results tomorrow!! )=

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