Sunday, December 16, 2007


Alright! I'm going out soon, so here's a short little post for the sake of updating! (:

I have been pretty busy lately. Ayy~ Shouldn't have applied for MC! Tsk. Now, my workload increases almost every two hours! Crazy.. Glad that this happens only once a month! I should have took a picture of the amount of paper on my desk. hahaha. I couldn't even find my stationeries! LOL.

YES! Shopped like mad yesterday. Finally got a jacket, a new bag, a new pair of shoes and a polo-tee! YAY! (:(: Although I've only bought one of each, it was still great to shop! More shopping later! xD

Have been pretty occupied with my DS lately so pardon me for the less updates. (:

Politics, politics, politics..
How do adults actually survive in a world filled with politics within their working area?! Scary... How I wish I can always remain young and never have to be an adult. xD

Alright, got to go. (:
Buh Bye! ^^

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