Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This might be a very long post. If you might be turned off or is not in the mood to read a long one, this is not a very appealing entry. (:

After more than two days, I've finished watching the Korean drama; “Coffee Prince”! It’s a very nice show despite having a little boring introduction. Hmm. I should say it's a very anticipating drama. Hmm. It's pretty similar to the one Wuchun and Ella had starred "Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nv". Only, "Coffee Prince" is much MUCH MUCH MUCH x100000000000000000 nicer. The story line is better. Relationship also very well scripted in a very complicated way. (= *In my opinions.

What more, the leading actor is... hehehe... *faint*.

Aww~ LOL. How can one look so nice! hahaha. He looks good in whatever camera angle and clothe he is in. Goodness! LOL.

Anyway, I realise celebrities are actually very lucky people. If I'm not wrong, my sister and I had a discussion and she said something like this:

"If they were not picked to embark on an acting career, they might be walking along the road in town with anyone of us - and, no single souls would even pay attention to them. They might also be someone as irritating as anyone of us - of whom, no one likes. However, they are fortunate to be chosen to be artiste and be well-known. Although they are ordinary human, they receive fame and attention from crazy fans."

I really agree to what she had pointed out. Of course, you need the talent, charm… and… hmm… the X-factor to be famous – the journey is also not easy. One needs to be able to handle these stresses and work load to do well.

Imagine being a very unpopular and unlucky person for a long time – so unlucky and unpopular that you hate yourself, everything about yourself. No one would ever lay their eyes on you, don’t even talk about giving a wee bit of attention. However, when a chance surfaces and you grab hold of it, giving the task all your best – you’ll never know what you might become. You might even be surprised with the things you’re capable of doing - of which you never dare dream of doing.

You might even become a role model, everyone’s idol and… famous! You might even be stalked or even touched by a million of crazy fans!! Of course, this only happens when you're extremely lucky.

Chances like these are not always available, isn’t it? (: What more, you might not even be cut for the field. So, famous people are really lucky. Hmm. Come to think about it, you might not even have to be very talented, even if you have an ordinary face – with a little luck in that instant, even make ups can make miracles happen and change your life. Lucky meaning to be spotted by some big shot directors and people like that who are capable of bringing you to a very outstanding and glamorous… er… outstanding and glamorous… life! Yes, new life.

Alright, this ranting is getting nowhere. LOL.
So, I’ve been doing great. Took two days MC; nothing serious just happens to have one swollen right eye. Haha. Not really swollen though. Just that my right eye looked like it’s bloated at the end near the nose. Yeah. No point going on further too. Haha.

I’ve promised myself to do something and I really hope I’ll be able to abide to my own rules. Hmmm.

!!!! (: The drama made me yearn to travel around the world to learn the different cultures. How's life in Korea? How's life in Japan? How's life being an American? How's life in Vietnam?

It’s somewhat good to be an actor/actress eh? Like, you get to live in fantasy. When you’re on roll, you’re living in a scripted life. Everything starts flowing so smoothly. Even the worst can be seen as the best thing that might have happened to you. Even getting injured might bring you close to a hunk! hahaha.

Excluding “NGs” and stuff like that. It’s like… when people watch the drama, serial you starred in, they dream to have lives like yours. However, these fantasies are all scripted.

How can life be so easy?! LOL. How can everything happen so nicely and end so… Happily ever after? How can one be so good and strong to tolerate everything (even when everything and everyone seem to have given up on you) and still smile to the world and shout out “I’m doing so good!”. LOL.
Maybe there’s really someone (one in a million) who’s ever so optimistic to face life when it’s at its worst.

I also want a scripted life! LOL. Best if I can be the director of my own story. hahaha.

Alright, enough of that. I'm really getting no where talking to myself about life being a celebrity.

Hmm. Then again, it's really tough to be on the billboard every time eh. You'll never know when your fame and glory might end because you're old and some new kid is coming up. When you're kicked out, you're back to your stupid life. You might even hate yourself even more because it would be tougher to get another job. Even you have earned enough; you might not be able to feed yourself until you cross the line. =x What a thing to say. Anyway, any job has got its pros and cons. It depends on how one looks on it.

Ohh yeah, fame not only come when you're a celebrity. You can also be a very famous businessman, sportsman, employee... volunteer and... many more la. Fame comes in all with eh. lol.

Okay, I really should end that topic here.

I've bought a Nintendo DS! LOL. I'm getting so occupied by it. xD

*yawn!* Buh bye!
-Next serial... "Why why Love!"

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