Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hai Di Lao-ed!

Celebrated Soohou's birthday at Somerset 313's 海底捞 yesterday!

Was early to beat the dinner queue, but had to wait about an hour+ for the table?

We were told it will be a 4-hour wait man! Insane! But because we were waiting for everyone else to reach, we just sat down to pass time. Lucky it was just slightly more than an hour. I will definitely not wait that long for dinner!

Snacked so much during the wait too.. The popcorn and wheel crackers, so yum! I had a lot of watermelon too. LOL.. While we really enjoyed the snacks, I find it such a loss for the restaurant. Lol. I mean... I was so full from snacking that I didn't really eat that much for dinner.

It was my first time at 海底捞 and.... I didn't see what the hype was about? It's steamboat.... Soup were thick and flavorful, meat were fresh and service was good... But that was it? Food didn't have the 'wow' factor? It was just steamboat? Lol.

So many question marks in one paragraph. But I suppose, people go there for their impeccable service.... Fast forward to 2018 and I don't think I've visited 海底捞 a second time. I did, however, fell in love with Beauty in The Pot's collagen soup - You'll see this in 2017 July's post. HAHA.

Moving on to pictures~

We picked a lot of balls, as usual.
Working adults with slightly higher spending power, but still stingy. LOLOL.
Maybe that was why I didn't see the hype too... Didn't go crazy on the ordering.

Steamboat is steamboat - you have to win me over with something...............
Like perhaps... Beauty in The Pot's collagen soup? And their freaking good fried beancurd!

(Man, talking about it makes me crave for it now!)

What's a birthday celebration without a cake right?
Thought that's just my logic. Lol.
The platter of fruits courtesy of 海底捞.


Don't think we went anywhere after dinner................? HEHE.

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