Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Tuesday's Korean BBQ!

Dinner with these 2 earlier!

Feels so so good meeting friends after a long day at work! Only second day back at work after my vacation, but it feels like a week has passed. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway, it was a nice catchup with the both of them earlier over some Korean BBQ-ed meat. YUMS!

Such a bummer that we only got close near the end of last year~ Too little memories together; but I still miss that companion to refill our bottles. They were like mini breaks I really need from work and actually didn't know I need before we became friends. HEHE.

Went to Ssikkek near Outram Park MRT station. Korean BBQ buffet FTW!! I wish they had better meat though. :( Miss the ones in Korea already!

I kindda love Commonwealth; the location is awesome. Easy to go town and pretty much every where except my home. LOL. Okay fine, it is pretty easy to commute to work. It's just the duration. 1-hour door to door. My gawd. I actually cannot wait for the office to shift to the other side of the MRT! Still at Commonwealth, but so much nearer to the MRT!! Just 4 minutes walk. 4 MINUTES!! It is currently about..... 6 minutes? HAHAHAHAA. It is also slightly more dangerous now because..... Actually not really. Fine, I'll drop this case. :p

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