Sunday, April 03, 2016

Family Day

Spending time together over the weekend is a very usual family affair we have; We do a range of things at home and outside together like eat, shop, eat, watch movies and...... EAT!
Yes, plenty of eating; explains our sizes. Lol.

But yeah, weekends have started to become dedicated family days. Both Saturday and Sunday. I tell my parents they are lucky because both my sister and I are single. Who knows what will happen when we have partners, right? Don't have to worry till many years later though~ Lol.

ANYWAY! Point of today's entry......

Though we spend time together ever so often, be it at home or outside, today felt different. Maybe it's the hormones talking, but the afternoon out felt a whole lot more special. Not that we did anything special............

But while going around, I just felt really blessed and grateful for what I have, who I have. :')

Yeah, I think it's the hormones. LOL.

So, where did we go today?

We had a nice start to our afternoon with a simple high-tea @ Sheraton Tower's Lobby Bar!
(Yes, eating again. Duh.)

Can't really see the design of the Japanese platter because the backdrop is so messy!

But yes, that's the Western and Japanese spread. They were okay, quite nice. High Tea can sometimes be such a rip off! You pay about or more than $50 to get just light snacks. Like... I can so get more and better food at other places!

Then again, I guess you pay for the ambience and the quality of the tea? I loved their Lychee tea!
&We got the 1-for-1 though! So just about $100++ for 4. YAY to credit card promotions!

Enjoying the ambience, doing our own thing.
These 2 are almost forever on their phones.

Talk about it being a millennial's habit~

Me and my sister just chatting until we got influenced and used our phones too. LOLOL.

After high tea, we thought it was a waste to just head home after dressing up... Hahahaha. Yes, us wearing decent to go out is dressing up. Besides, Sugar was with a boarding house, so we could head back late.

I can't remember what is it anymore. :X

So tadaaaaah, that was our Saturday for you. Simple, yet special. :)
My heart (&tummy) feel so full today.

Then, we come back home......................

......To this special creature everyday.

Life's good. Really good.


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