Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas Lunch Party!

It's a Wednesday in December........

What better way to celebrate the mid-week this festive month than an advanced Christmas party?? Also a great way to kick-start the 'freedom' in our soon-to-be quiet office. ✌️

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas~~ 🎄🔔

 photo P1400880.jpg
Christmas lunch with people at work!
It's only right for us to celebrate in office. We already spend more time with each other than with our own families... Life, huh. So, there's no need to spend more time together after work. LOL!

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And though not obvious, we had a Red / Green theme today!
With gifts and our Christmas Icecream Cake (so good!).

 photo P1400852.jpg
The best way to clear off a Christmas Logcake (or any cake for that matter)??
Plenty would reject cakes when offered, but a lot less people would say 'No' to icecream! ♥

 photo P1400855.jpg
Our mini setup and all the gifts prepared!

Because it was during lunch time, a few of us headed out to Seletar Mall for some quick lunch shopping and cake collection while the rest stayed in office to put up the decorations. #Effort.

 photo P1400863.jpg  photo P1400857.jpg
Our Christmas Tree mascots? Lol.

 photo P1400864.jpg
Lunch from KFC is served!
Super love their Christmas designs, by the way.

We also ordered Pizzas, but they came slightly later. Boo.

 photo P1400866.jpg
All hungry people gathered for foooood!

 photo P1400869.jpg
Chicken Feast!

 photo P1400870.jpg

 photo P1400871.jpg
Because office hours, so coke replacing beer!
Looks like stout anyway. Heh.

 photo P1400881.jpg
And some (many) groups shots before we proceed with the gift exchange!

Actually, we took all these before settling down for lunch.

 photo P1400878.jpg
Supposedly a 'serious' shot, but I guess I missed the memo? LOL.

Moving on to the gift exchange, it was one kind I have never done before!!! It wasn't just a simple gift exchange because we started a simple game way before our celebration. Lol.

Slightly less than a month before December, someone suggested a game to play in preparation for Christmas and our gift exchange... I am so glad we did it. I don't think it is that feasible for people who are not together in the same area for a long time - Probably works best for people in the same office or friends in class!

So what we did was, all of us would pick a 'child' through drawing lots. And we become the 'mother' of the person we pick. Of course, the 'mother' is also the Santa of the 'child' and gifts would be prepared. But! The type of gifts we get would depend on how well-behaved our 'child' is.

How do we determine this?

About a week or so before our celebration, the 'mothers' would start testing their 'child' by secretly instructing them to do random things everyday. I loved what I came up with, though lame. LOL.

There were things like......
Sing someone a lullaby and put them to sleep.
Take a selfie with someone in blue.

We created a blog for us to anonymously send missions and reminders. Hahaha. There were also some people who leaves paper missions on each others' table as well - Very risky method because we had to ensure no one else saw.

Some of the 'dares' we filmed. Hahaha.

 photo P1400887.jpg
Menaka >Shruti

 photo P1400888.jpg
Shruti > Chee Chien

 photo P1400889.jpg
Chee Chien > Mira

 photo P1400892.jpg
Mira > Vignesh

 photo P1400907.jpg
Happy kiddo with his wanted gift.

 photo P1400895.jpg
Vignesh > Menaka

 photo P1400908.jpg
Unhappy kid with a gift she didn't want. Hahaha.
So straight forward - She immediately whined when she opened it.

 photo P1400898.jpg
I got 'Naughty' from Akila.

So.... The 'Naughty' and 'Nice'.
Naughty kids are ones who did not finish their tasks.... I DID LO. Lol. So yeah, nice kids are those who completed well.

 photo P1400900.jpg
Myself > Mani

He did everything I tasked. Hahaha. There were things like announcing to everyone each time he wants to go to the washroom (for the afternoon), sing ABBA's 'Money, Money, Money' (well, because his name rhymes lol), knock on our cabinet and sing 'Do You Wanna Build A Snowman' and so on. hahaha.

 photo P1400911.jpg
And it's gift unwrapping time!!!

 photo P1400913.jpg
His face like that because he actually requested for badminton racquets and got these~

Of course, those were the fake gifts we swapped with Shruti because.....

I reached office slightly earlier than usual with my gift to make sure no one would see what I got. Mine was too obvious because of the size of it. :( And because I wrapped the racket and the shuttlecocks separately, I wanted to place the racket in our cabinet and display the other in our gift pile. JUST when I was struggling to keep the racket in the top rack of our cabinet (because short, so struggled), Mani CAME TO THE OFFICE!!! Totally caught myself and Menaka trying to keep the gift.

Thank god Menaka was there with me, or I would have totally been busted there and then. Hahaha. So yeah, we swapped in hope that we could trick him.

 photo P1400906.jpg

 photo P1400914.jpg
Exchanging back!

 photo P1400872.jpg

 photo P1400873.jpg

It was a really fun afternoon and I'm glad we managed to play the game. HEHE.

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