Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas in Office

 photo IMG-20151221-WA0013.jpg
Another Christmas with people at work!
This shot includes my boss, boss's boss and boss's boss's boss. LOL.
Not the full team though.

It's always nice when there's an office-wide celebration. Get free lunch, and spend the day not really working! :X There was also games in-between work. Christmas week should totally be work-free! Such a festive period, and almost a quarter of the people are not in office..... So, why work? :p

 photo IMG-20151221-WA0006.jpg
Office with the simple decorations.

The decorations were better set up last year. :X Just realize I didn't post any pictures from last years'..... Maybe I was too shy, being just 4 months into the job by then? Lol. Anyhow! Last years' office celebration was organized by another team and they did a very festive job on the decorations! :D

This year's had a lot more games though, and we had Indian cuisine for lunch! Can you guess which team organized it this time? Hahahaha. Not being racist, but I guess it was an easier choice for the team. They were mostly Indians (in the team) and probably didn't know many other caterers in Singapore. Not complaining though! The food they ordered was good!! (Y) Can always trust them to find the better tasting Indian food - not our typical, prata. :P

 photo IMG-20151221-WA0005.jpg
Inbetween work, there were games!

 photo IMG-20151221-WA0019.jpg
Our team was in green theme today!
And behind me you have our game representatives!

 photo IMG-20151221-WA0008.jpg
My favourite part of these celebrations are these photobooths!
Printed photos with colleagues to keep. <3

Okay. Goodnight. :D

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