Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturdate With Parents~

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It's such a pretty card. ^^
So coincidental that I'm in white today, allowing the colorful card to stand out even more. Heh.

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2016: The Season of Love♥

Cannot wait to catch all 3 shows next year!
I like the idea of getting the season tickets... Especially when you're purchasing something for the next year, but paying it this year. It's like... I can trick myself into thinking that I'm watching for free since I don't have to pay anything anymore. Hahahaha. Also, it's cheaper getting the season tickets. I like! :D

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Season ticket aside, today's a well spent Saturday with my family's love birds! It's more common that the family heads out together and not so much with one sister less, but it was still a good time together! Went shopping and eating. Eating is always part of our activities. Hahaha.

I'm blogging this now in the future (It's 2017 here LOL #fail), so I cannot remember what we bought then. :P But I do know we were shopping in Suntec City and even bought out first 2 tracks of eubiq X! It's something I've always wanted ever since I saw it in Xiaxue's house having it X. Look so sleek and futuristic!! And now fast forward to 2017 February, we are still using the 2 tracks (1 beside our water fountain because water don't sip in!), and still loving it!

So yeaps! It's 2017 February, but I am still trying to finish all my entries for 2015. #fail.

I just can't make myself move on from all the backlogs. LOL.

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