Monday, November 09, 2015



I'm not a saint. There's only so much one can take. These tears, I don't want them falling again. Not for you. Words can hurt people; Whether you have the intention to do so or not.

If getting angry and losing your cool means you can speak senselessly, I don't think I want to continue this friendship anymore. It takes 2 to clap, and I shouldn't be the only one who's more careful... who thinks more dearly of the friendship or the only one who'll fight more to make things work.

Strike one: When I realize how easily anger can take over your rationale. One senseless stupid mistake to make you blow off your top.. Was it really that major a mistake to be so crazy angry?

Strike two: When I slowly realize how conversations are mostly about you..... you...... you...... and, you.. Sometimes, it feels like the things I say and tell are just something you bypass.

Strike three: When I see how you're acting; Always expecting and wanting more, but not as enthusiastic to return the same to others.

Before one keeps seeking for others' understanding, why can't they begin understanding others first?

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