Sunday, June 14, 2015

Buffet? Boufé!

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Second quarter of the year now, which means... another meet up with Shamyn! It's such a lovely coincidence that our birthdays fall on the first and second quarter of the year; We can just combine our meetup with the celebration/birthday treat for each other. Lol.

ANYWAY! Met up with Shamyn for brunch yesterday. Checked out Boufé Boutique Café X and had a sweet (our french toast) lunch.

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/instagramworthy lol
We shared the Smoked Salmon Croissant and Brioche French Toast, and had two servings of their drinks each. Lol.

I was glad the bill did not add up too much with our double drinks. Their drinks are really refreshing and yummy! Perfect for the warm and humid weather yesterday~ And totally quenched out thrist while we were outside. The cafe was packed and we were too hungry to wait, so we settled for the outdoor seating. So warm!

ps: I actually like their Lychee Tea more than the one from Arteastiq :X

It was a long walk in to the cafe. Met at the bus stop outside Park Mall and took a bus down before following Google Map's direction to the cafe. It didn't look like the right way at first, but we just trusted the map and followed our guts. LOL. /drama

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Gorgeous birthday girl in another 14 days. xD

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Plenty of time to camwhore after placing our order. Bwahahhaha.

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It looks like there were fairy lights set up within the tent for outdoor seating. I wonder if they light them up in the evening?

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Such great lighting for photos!
The outdoor seating was relaxing (despite the bloody warm temperature) with plenty of trees behind. So lucky there weren't insects around~

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When you go to a nice place for meals, there'll always be people taking pictures and trying to post them up on instagram even before trying the food................

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Here's me! xD

I think I was sending the pictures to Shamyn though. :3

As usual, the both of us had a satisfying lunch before heading back to town for some shopping! And then, back home.. Lol. Maybe we should come up with something better to do the next time we meet...

ps: Can't wait to meet in September! :)

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