Friday, May 29, 2015

A Short Meetup!

Few days ago, a few of us took out some time to meet up for dinner.. Finally! It’s been so long since I last saw Rachel, Sheryl and Ryan. Everyone’s just busy busy busy these days.

Just checked my blog entries and the last time we actually met was last January! :O That’s a year and 4 months ago! (Read here) Woah... Time flies.

For a change, we had dinner at an Indonesian Restaurant, IndoBox X, in ION. For once, it’s not in Fish & Co or Swenses again. LOL. Food was good, and the ketchup was great. ^^

The meet up wasn't very long though. Ryan had to leave early (like in the middle of dinner) to go pacify his girl and Rachel left not long after dinner.

Anyway, a pity we didn't get the chance to take a picture with Ryan because he left way too early! To think Ryan was the one who asked us out uh! First one to leave. Ditching 4 girls for 1. tsktsk. Lol. But it's all good because he paid for dinner. HAHAHAHA. Kidding ~

Here's us girls in ION's toilet before Rachel left.. :(

 photo P1380590.jpg

 photo P1380591.jpg

 photo P1380592.jpg

 photo P1380589.jpg

Syuhada, Sheryl and myself stayed back a little longer and shared a cake, and a little moment together at Coffee Bean. It was nice... Talked about work, guys and self. ;) I don't think we've ever really talked about such things together... Lol. Interesting to know something new about another friend.

Though short, it was a nice time spent. A nice evening together to unwind just a little bit.

 photo P1380593.jpg
Till next time, and with Ryan too!

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