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I know I should be asleep right now because there's work tomorrow... But, I'm feeling very happy tonight and I don't want to sleep it off yet. I’m going to try making this short (not) because there’s work tomorrow and I’ve decided to not take ‘birthday’ leave to save my ALs for other upcoming trips.. A small sacrifice for the bigger picture (CRUISING TO TOKYO IS SO SO SO NEAR NOW). Heh.

So! This entry............

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Today’s a long yet wonderful day!πŸ’ž
&Singapore's a beautiful wonderful place. πŸ’Ÿ

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I had a really great time with my girlfriends (I miss Karena a lot a lot!) tonight just spending the evening together. :) Didn't get the guys to join this time because I didn't started out with any plan actually. :X Is age catching up? It feels like I get lazier to make plans on my birthday as the year goes by......

I'm glad to befriend many sweet sweet people in this life though; and have many (going to) celebrations of my aging. LOL.

There were no fancy planning this year. We just met up, did our usual camwhoring, had dinner, ate cake, took more pictures and then separated for home.

It was that simple.

But it was something we haven't done together for a long time and I ENJOYED EVERY MILLISECOND OF IT!!!! :D EVERY.MILLISECOND!

Evening started out a little sluggish for me. Was up early for 2 workout classes with Haniza before rushing home to prepare and head out to meet the girls for some shopping before dinner. I don't remember we did much shopping though. Lol. Rather quickly proceeded to Esplanade station and took pictures along the way to Esplanade.

I love that... walkway! There's always different displays up and it has great lighting for camwhoring! With or without an audience, I've always liked wasting some time there taking a few shots. XD

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Many people walking past? We don't care! :p

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Walked out and was still a little too early for dinner. Took the chance to take more pictures together!

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Was happy that the sky was clear and the weather was very good for some photos!
It only there were more breeze than the usual humidity. ><

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Messing with her long flow-y skirt hehe

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Cannot remember what was the commotion about, but I like these candid shots!

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Last shot before dinner.
It was just us 4 at first because Kesslyn was joining late.

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Off we go to one of my favourite Italian restaurants!

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Supply & Demand X!!!

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I cannot remember what we ordered. Lol.
But we shared most of the items.

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HEHHE. Jo as she looked at herself from my phone as it mirrors my camera.

Dinner was delicious as usual. Supply and Demand has not disappointed me or my friends as yet. And this is probably my........ third time? Kesslyn joined us not long later and we had a really enjoyable dinner. Girls doing what we do best (other than camwhoring) was talking, chatting, and gossiping!

Before we billed,,,,

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I'm a huge pastry fan; loves any kind of desserts, cakes πŸŽ‚ and whatnot. And to me, a birthday celebration has to have a birthday cake πŸŽ‚!!! It's symbolic. Not only is it a chance to cheat a diet, it makes birthdays more meaningful! Of course, people now can buy any cakes πŸŽ‚ any time they want... But birthday cakes πŸŽ‚ have candles and, you make birthday wishes before blowing them off! It's special. Otherwise, any kind of celebration can fall flat because it ends up being just another dinner....... So... cakes cakes cakes! πŸŽ‚

Imagine how happy I was inside when the cakes πŸŽ‚ were served!!! :D

Special thanks to Kesslyn for getting them while rushing down to meet us. hehe.

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See, these are all the things that makes a birthday, a birthday!! Lol. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

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So blessed to be surrounded by these beautiful ladies. ♥
(Cannot say this enough; Miss that babypp of ours!)

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It was very soon dark outside when we were done with dinner... Almost 9pm? But the night was relatively young as the floating platform area had a carnival! So many nostalgic games (bumper cars!!!, small carousel and banana boat). We have grown too much too old for all these though. End up just checking things out and taking pictures.

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Also got someone to take a nice shot of us infront of the not-so-nice background lol

 photo P1370006_zpsen57gfug.jpg  photo P1370007_zpse33yhqke.jpg  photo P1370008_zpsowrzuymv.jpg  photo P1370009_zpsjr4vtvej.jpg

 photo P1370010_zps2juz8cvy.jpg  photo P1370011_zpsjktudsoa.jpg  photo P1370012_zpsz36gmp4w.jpg  photo P1370013_zpstnrxg4ut.jpg

 photo P1370014_zpsqn2yzl3b.jpg  photo P1370015_zps0z9ixcg4.jpg  photo P1370016_zpsbjlulfwn.jpg  photo P1370017_zpsdtvhzumt.jpg

 photo P1370018_zpsv781z933.jpg  photo P1370019_zpshdalfary.jpg  photo P1370020_zpszw8uqtb8.jpg  photo P1370021_zps1n0dzmwf.jpg

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Back to the walkway for more pictures!!!

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How can girls have that many expressions and poses........ But actually, 90% of the shots are similar. Just with a different backdrop. Loll.

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All of them looking so happy here...............

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Chiulee wondering and asking where I was..

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They blocked me!!!

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Free pretty backgrounds along the walkway.

And then, there was this white wall with a small gap.. We took the opportunity and took more pictures! According to them, the gap was too freaking small for any butts to steadily sit on it without working their cores. It was quite funny looking at them trying to stay still and pose on it. Hahahha. :X

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Kesslyn looks like she's advertising her bag, isn't it?

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Hahaha. Major cute.

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Weishan's the only one with the least issue staying still and posing, No fun. :X

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ps: When I wake up tomorrow morning, I am so going to regret sleeping at this hour. Dammit. Lol.

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