Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comfort Zone

I can now understand why some people stick to their jobs for years even though they hate it.
I can now understand why some people stay in their jobs even though there's no more advancement and prospects.

I have approximately 5 more months till the end of my contract. It's a premature thought, but I'm already nervous. There are many career and project related reasons why I want to extend my contract, but there's also this tiny little part of me that's scared of change.

I am comfortable with what I am doing now. I am comfortable with the people I am working with. I am comfortable with where I am. I am in my comfort zone.

I cannot imagine starting from zero in a brand new environment again. And I'm only 24. It's extremely ridiculous!

But I know, change is the only constant. To have fear is normal as long as we don't allow ourselves to be defeated by this emotion.

I am comfortable now, but I know I will and must continue seeking for something better. To strive and achieve something more for myself. Greater things awaits.

Random thought, random entry and ending with a brainwashing notion. Lol.

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