Friday, February 13, 2015

Blink Blink Lunch

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0017_zpsvmncy3dw.jpg
Had lunch with my blinking friend today!!! :D

Today's a nice day. I like nice days. Nice days with good mood.

To begin with, it's a Friday! All Fridays are good days. ;) &On top of that, I had work in Town and managed to have lunch with Jeannette! :D Having lunch in Town is nice... At least a break from what we have back in Centre. I had to bring along my bulky heavy laptop though... T^T I hope they upgrade mine to something a lot lighter (&with a big screen still!)

Work in Town was good. Not that work was good, but the environment was fantastic! I always like going to Tower. Great scenery and a totally different level of energy from the people working there. :)

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0009_zps7shzuihj.jpg
This view! Even with the window grilles.....

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0007_zpsvpdtg4di.jpg
Can never get sick of this view. :)

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0022_zpsb3ll1fos.jpg
Lunch! :D Everything on my plate was delicious!
Jeannette brought me to The Rotisserie X and we enjoyed lunch while catching up with each other.

Headed back to Centre after lunch and started my afternoon with work without a good view. xD

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0020_zps9xmzwh94.jpg  photo IMG-20150213-WA0018_zpsxwmwtj2i.jpg
Always nice to have lunch with a friend. ^^

 photo IMG-20150213-WA0028_zpsvqguq3rr.jpg
HEHE. Facial after work and I feel so clean now. xD


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