Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Hair Color!

 photo IMG-20141213-WA0031_zpsukokoimo.jpg
Can you see what I did with mine?
Dip dyed pink this time because I've been missing my pink hair!!! Didn't bleach for the pink this time, and went for something darker. I'm satisfied with how it turn out to be! :D It's not subtle yet not that obvious too. lol. Or maybe, I'm making myself feel better because the stylist has dyed the pink a little too obvious on the left side on my hair. T^T I wanted it to be hidden like how it used to be. I don't wanna appear unprofessional at work... So I'm happy with how the right side turn out to be....... Ahhhh... I just hope my bosses won't reprimand me about my hair color. :X

Anyway, new hair means.......................... Plenty of pictures!

Nah. Not that many.

 photo IMG-20141213-WA0032_zpsj8kcn4sb.jpg  photo IMG-20141213-WA0030_zpspziefywj.jpg
Jolene also went for something darker this time.
It was dark purple! For her bleached parts, they turn out brighter and it was nice. :3

 photo IMG-20141213-WA0029_zpshqenrvuy.jpg  photo IMG-20141213-WA0027_zps1pzqxlxa.jpg

 photo IMG-20141213-WA0025_zps9qrfaxhi.jpg  photo IMG-20141213-WA0026_zpspsiu6qba.jpg

 photo IMG-20141213-WA0024_zpsdgbpw0pl.jpg

 photo IMG-20141213-WA0023_zpskjuhhtal.jpg

 photo IMG-20141213-WA0028_zpstzppiwfr.jpg

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