Friday, October 31, 2014

October's Snapshots!

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HI!!! Time of the month again.
Here's me enjoying the chocolate Weishan got me!
Super nice! ^^

 photo 20141019_111248_zps65e84fa2.jpg
To make up for the lack for in September. xD

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 photo 20141019_224250_zps11dfe146.jpg

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 photo 20141022_193920_zps56eec10c.jpg
Sugar want some candies!

 photo 20141025_002248_zps1ec7c579.jpg

 photo IMG-20141018-WA0011_zpse0e041b5.jpg  photo IMG-20141018-WA0010_zps8da02872.jpg
Patiently waiting at the door on the nights my parents were in Bangkok.

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 photo IMG-20140921-WA0012_zps8e2b130b.jpg
Meditating with the father. xD

 photo IMG-20140921-WA0008_zpse94a3b85.jpg
Check out this hugeass rabbit!!!!!

 photo IMG-20140921-WA0004_zps8d0cdd59.jpg
It's so big, it's quite scary!
I wanna just remember bunnies in their cute little size!

 photo IMG-20140921-WA0005_zpsd44608cb.jpg

 photo IMG-20140915-WA0000_zpsac6588eb.jpg
Okay, back to Sugar.

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 photo IMG-20140901-WA0003_zpse51cd6d2.jpg
Sugar & friend.

 photo IMG-20141003-WA0014_zpsc8e132c9.jpg  photo 20141004_010524_zps96d83543.jpg
Went drinking with Pototobbin, Bin and Zylia one of those days.
And it's also the day I've concluded that planning to meet with Zylia on a Friday would make me OT all-the-freaking-time!!

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 photo 20141013_201824_zpsc9e94715.jpg
Prepared Heated my own dinner!

 photo 20141019_181606_zpsd7541963.jpg

 photo IMG-20141031-WA0011_zpsa4b03186.jpg
Sent this to Zylia one day because she met up with some misfortune one fine morning. HEHE.

 photo IMG-20141031-WA0018_zps89ce194d.jpg
Sent a selfie in the toilet to tease Chiulee one day. lol.

 photo 20141014_085145_zpsc7f34767.jpg
Okay can, bye! :D

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