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45336 Steps Around Bangkok!



After two failed attempts this year, we finally flew to Bangkok for an exhausting 4-Day trip! ^^

It's the family's second time to Bangkok together. First trip was... waaay back in 2009 (blog entry here!) where I didn't really enjoy myself because I was young and foolish... Lol. It was actually because Gary, Weishan, Jolene and Karena were also there, but I never got the chance to explore Bangkok with them. They had so much fun!!!! :(

Anyhow! Our trip this time was a lot better. Walked a lot!!! Approximately 45,336 steps according to my pedometer. LOL! We still had to visit temples and whatnot, but we also got the chance to finally visit the actual Chatukchak! Back in 2009, we were brought to some weird mall because it was closed, and my mother had an impression that it's all Chatukchak had to offer. Tsk. She now know she's very very wrong though... This trip, she bought the most during our shopping spree at Chatukchak!

I'm also happy that we got to go around Terminal 21 (our apartment is very near there!) and check out Asiatique~ The new places in Bangkok, checked! :D

Another reason that made this trip good was the fact that I had started work, and it was a good break after a full month of working. xD


It was a very early flight, but I barely slept because I was excited. Lol. As usual, we got to the airport and checked in before having breakfast at a fastfood chain. This time, my sister chose MacDonald's!

 photo P1350343_zps6d8e3984.jpg

 photo P1350344_zps05641e7b.jpg
Us still in Singapore.

After this trip, I've concluded that Bangkok doesn't have much to offer me.
I didn't spend much at all (other than on temple offerings) because there was hardly anything that caught my eye. In chatukchak or the malls. But, I did buy a $2xx bag for my sister IN CHANGI AIRPORT before flying off. LOL. /fail

 photo P1350346_zpsc01a9ccc.jpg
Us arriving in Bangkok!!

The first thing my sis and I did, was to hunt down the Telco booth and get our Prepaid SIM Cards! (Y)!! /sociamediaaddicts
Got DTAC's Happy Tourist and was indeed happy throughout our trip. xD

Thereafter, we set off to a pretty long car ride to the famous Four Face Buddha.

 photo P1350349_zps9b5dff1c.jpg
It was my first time there, but the place wasn't exactly unfamiliar for me; Thanks to a Thai horror movie I'd watched many years ago. xD

 photo P1350352_zps40caee30.jpg

 photo P1350350_zpsf5acabeb.jpg

The weather was very hot and humid.

 photo P1350353_zps4a3cc584.jpg
The lady in blue was gorgeous!

 photo 1410099400385_zpsf7ee911b.jpg

 photo P1350354_zps52dbcc33.jpg
Done with prayers, crossed the road to the mall opposite for lunch!
There was some Japan event going on then, and the mall was filled with plenty enthusiatic cosplayers!

After lunch, we took another long car ride to our apartment!

 photo P1350355_zps23d15173.jpg
Checking in!

 photo P1350356_zps242181ca.jpg
We've stayed in better apartments, but this was also nice.

 photo P1350357_zps62e49e26.jpg

 photo P1350358_zps219a9ace.jpg

 photo P1350359_zpsa872c51a.jpg
Apartment is the best type of lodging for a group of people because we'll get to gather around in the living room every night! Especially useful when you have people visiting you as well!

 photo P1350360_zps7c8cc5e2.jpg

 photo P1350361_zps8a827452.jpg

 photo P1350362_zpse492dd17.jpg
The masterbedroom!!!!
Sister and I got to sleep in the masterbedroom this trip. HEHE. All thanks to my mothers' friend who joined and didn't dare to sleep alone. Hahahaha. Because of her, my mother took the room with two single beds and my dad didn't wanna sleep in such a huge room alone. (Y)!

 photo P1350363_zps960b1dcb.jpg

 photo P1350364_zpsaf45906b.jpg

 photo P1350365_zps6fa83f0f.jpg

 photo P1350370_zps303fe5c9.jpg
The view!
To be honest, this was the first and last time I ever saw what was outside. LOL.

 photo P1350366_zps98b8848c.jpg

 photo P1350367_zps160dfff7.jpg
Exhausted after the flight, long car rides and terrible hot weather.

 photo P1350368_zpscdf193a3.jpg

 photo P1350372_zps73c19f4b.jpg
Mother's favourite part of apartments: KITCHEN!!! and,,,

 photo P1350373_zps3bbe09d3.jpg

 photo P1350375_zps8fd3d682.jpg

After resting in the apartment for a few hours, we finally went out for some dinner.

 photo P1350379_zps15fd7bff.jpg
Out via the apartment's tuktuk to Terminal 21!
First time riding one!

 photo P1350381_zps22b92d45.jpg
Dinner place was nice!

 photo P1350382_zps32a74936.jpg

 photo P1350384_zps178aa6da.jpg

 photo P1350385_zpsec2aead6.jpg
This was soooooo good!!!!

 photo P1350386_zps6a143e4e.jpg

 photo 20140830_230616_zpsf61668d7.jpg
Back in the hotel early to rest for a long day next!

 photo P1350387_zps7f824ba8.jpg
DAY 2 - Chatukchak & Asiatique

 photo P1350388_zps5ceca454.jpg
Freeeeee breakfaaaaast!
I was sad there were so little scrambled eggs left. :(

 photo P1350389_zpsa2c501e3.jpg
Told them to pose, but my mum went "Must take candid when we're eating"
So, here's an unglam shot of her telling me that. xD

 photo P1350390_zpsc959d9c6.jpg

 photo P1350391_zps4c873158.jpg

 photo P1350392_zpscda9fa26.jpg
The only family photo we took. :(
&In a terrible angle.

 photo P1350398_zps1653435c.jpg

 photo P1350399_zps5aac764c.jpg

 photo P1350400_zps6dfa559f.jpg
Thanks to our 'friends' in Bangkok, we got the chance to ride their public transport (just their trains)!!!
It is so so so rare for the parents to hop on public transport aboard. I'm glad it was a pleasant experience for the both of them.
Hopefully, they'll stop traveling around with cabs in other countries we visit.

 photo P1350401_zps41842f94.jpg

 photo P1350402_zpsea4d0efa.jpg
Perfect for the crazy hot weather.

 photo P1350403_zps99640f90.jpg
Another shot because it was so delicious? xD

 photo P1350404_zps40338d35.jpg

 photo P1350405_zpsa57dca0c.jpg
These were nice too!!

 photo P1350406_zps5c73c329.jpg
The mother who claimed Chatukchak won't have much to buy. -.-
At the end of the day, it was my who really didn't have anything to buy.

 photo P1350411_zpse0e421bb.jpg
Had our lunch at this place.
Something more local!

Was googling about this place to understand more about it, and came to know that it's actually the 4th best fresh market in the world. :O
There was indeed a lot of stuffs.

 photo DSC_0634_zpsf4da3021.jpg

 photo DSC_0638_zps238471af.jpg

 photo DSC_0639_zpse18e1b45.jpg

 photo DSC_0640_zps33fe26b6.jpg

 photo P1350409_zps33f30a0a.jpg

 photo 20140831_131837_zps166fdf05.jpg
Everything in this picture was damn good!
Even their wanton noodles!

 photo P1350408_zps271b90b9.jpg
&My favourite would be the curry dish!
Can't remember what it's called but it's good! The noodles is just meepok but I've never liked meepok until trying this!
Ah... Craving for these right now. T^T

 photo 20140831_144239_zps2cc08684.jpg
These lights are so pretty!!!
But I never see the practicality of these decorations.

After hours of shopping, and having lunch at Or Tok Kor Market, we decided to go our separate ways. Old people (aka parents) back to the apartment for some rest, while the young ones continue the day at Asiatique.

I was feeling a little guilty because our 'friends' had work the next day, but insisted to bring us to the place because it could be dangerous for us. I was hesistant to go because I didn't wanna be burdens for them, but I didn't wanna miss this chance to visit Asiatique more. :X

 photo P1350412_zps1ce1f2d6.jpg

 photo P1350413_zpsf6b664cf.jpg

 photo P1350415_zps4b8257fb.jpg

 photo P1350417_zpsea56d70b.jpg

 photo P1350418_zps80b49c26.jpg

 photo P1350421_zps52dca6ae.jpg

 photo P1350424_zpse72a6378.jpg
The terribly hot and humid weather gave me really bad hair days. T^T

 photo P1350425_zpsc873140a.jpg

 photo P1350426_zps190a6a84.jpg

 photo P1350427_zpsd5962af4.jpg
Our 'friends' in Thailand!!!!
I don't know how should I introduce them actually. Lol.
They are not relatives nor friends.
Just... children of the parents who know each other through prayers?

 photo P1350429_zps876abd72.jpg
A cute shot of my sister. ^^

 photo P1350430_zps8a65d3d3.jpg

 photo P1350431_zps64dbd099.jpg

There was nothing much in Asiatique. LOL!!!
It was a nice place, but it was like.... an expensive chatukchak. :/
We didn't get the chance to chill at their pubs and cafes though... Didn't wanna be inconsiderate to our friends.

 photo 20140831_171157_zps74f17dc2.jpg  photo 20140831_171342_zps6967bf15.jpg
The first thing we did in Asiatique was get a good leg massage. LOL!!

Pricer there but my legs were yelling for help.
It's amazing how these massages instantly relieves all the sore and pain!

 photo 20140831_173907_zps9b6512ee.jpg
Some sweet tea after the good relief.

 photo P1350434_zpsab57745d.jpg

 photo P1350435_zps3a0c8c62.jpg

 photo P1350436_zpsfaca51d3.jpg
The food was mediocre.
Phad Thai was too starchy for me, and the Pineapple Rice was just... bland.

 photo P1350443_zps652acfcb.jpg

 photo P1350444_zps3b8f4b24.jpg
Asiatique really look a lot prettier at night!

 photo P1350445_zps46185371.jpg  photo P1350446_zps9efb3560.jpg
But we had to go home already. :(

 photo P1350448_zps8e467512.jpg

 photo P1350449_zpsb8ecfa0b.jpg

 photo P1350453_zps56baecde.jpg

 photo P1350454_zps67d94944.jpg

 photo P1350457_zpsbfb20b27.jpg

 photo 20140831_191021_zpsb4a45be9.jpg

 photo P1350459_zpsae9f8503.jpg
Clothes for Sugar!
Probably the only thing we bought. LOL.
They were super duper cheap though!!!!
If I'm not wrong, they cost just $2!!!!

 photo P1350461_zps18b262f8.jpg
Well prepared for the Year of Goat. xD

 photo P1350462_zps318e3546.jpg
Dinner that night for the parents.

DAY 3 - Temples & Chinatown

 photo P1350463_zpsd963a6b2.jpg

 photo P1350466_zpsf09a9563.jpg

 photo P1350467_zpse0641139.jpg

 photo P1350469_zps14c2f346.jpg

 photo P1350470_zpsc1e18e82.jpg

 photo P1350472_zps6ee451c8.jpg
It was extremely serene and this was just... gorgeous.

 photo P1350476_zps1c4d26c6.jpg

 photo P1350477_zps880a5df3.jpg

 photo P1350479_zps3ab6a15c.jpg
Love the ceiling.
It looked like it was filled with millions of stars!

 photo P1350480_zpsc761c15d.jpg
A self-timed shot before we leave the place.
I was very worried my camera would fall backwards because the handle was pointed. :O
I really need to get a tripod.

 photo P1350481_zps5e7f8964.jpg
This picture does no justice to how gorgeous the entire thing is!

After visiting this temple, we headed down to another one near Chinatown. My sister had left for the apartment after this though; Weak kid fell ill.

 photo P1350484_zps497a4ad1.jpg

 photo P1350485_zpscef24bda.jpg

 photo P1350486_zpsf4262daa.jpg

 photo P1350491_zpsed602651.jpg

 photo 20140901_121409_zpse956bbdd.jpg
Literally a money plant. xD

After checking our Chinatown (my mother had another shopping spree!), we had dinner at this sharkfin specialty restaurant nearby.

 photo P1350492_zpsf6936769.jpg
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
Birdnest in a coconut. I was probably overdosed on coconuts, but this was just too good?!
Went back to the apartment with one packed for my sister but she couldn't finish so I gladly oblidged to finish hers too. HAHAHAH.

 photo 20140901_125000_zps0a6e7f09.jpg
Stupid terrible weather gave me a mop-hair. =.=

 photo 20140901_132637_zps29c924b9.jpg
Went around with my hair tied thereafter.
This is only possible because I'm overseas! xD

 photo 20140901_173349_zpsb5ddfaa2.jpg
This is some area in Terminal 21.
We headed back and came out for a little bit shopping.

 photo IMG-20140905-WA0011_zpse36ffe96.jpg
The best buys I had.
Well prepared for Christmas already. MUAHAHAHAHA.

 photo 20140901_173558_zps202e8d3f.jpg

 photo 20140901_180010_zps03083fa3.jpg

 photo P1350493_zps4c19649b.jpg
OH! We also checked out all their toilets at each level. Hahahaha.

 photo P1350494_zps1e7444ab.jpg
Coincidentally found this spa we were introduced to a year ago.
We actually know the bosses (from our cruise trip, here!), but didn't bother trying to get more discount from the already very cheap prices!

 photo 20140901_210154_zps368aa7ae.jpg
Our masseurs!
I tried Thai Massage and loved it! Can be clothed, and no need to apply oil! WHOOP!

DAY 4 - Going Home

 photo 20140902_091732_zps1742df61.jpg

 photo P1350495_zpse77af4a4.jpg

 photo P1350496_zps1ac0035a.jpg
A short day.
Visited our aunt's place to receive blessing from the monk. :)
We had a really good lunch thereafter and slept on our way to the airport. :D

 photo P1350497_zpsf4ed65af.jpg

 photo 20140831_191530_zps1db6e5e3.jpg
I've never been so lazy with my posts before...... but BYE!

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