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I am super duper excited to blog about this today, because I am extremely satisfied and happy with what we've done to the house!!! :D

I've been extremely excited, and have been diligently taking pictures to blog this special experience. Also, for some safekeeping sake. HEHEHE. It took us approximately a month to complete everything, and I've been nothing but patient! Finally, the last furniture are in today!!! ^^

To friends who have known me for a while, they'll know that shifting our furniture and making changes to our house is pretty common. We've done it a few times since I was 14, and this is probably our fourth or fifth time now.

All in the name for some good Fengshui.

This time, however, it's a totally different experience because.............. WE GOT TO MAKE MOST DECISIONS!!! :D We decided on our bedroom design, all the wall colors and even the doors!!

Okay la. To be fair, my sister made most of the decisions. LOL. I merely gave necessary inputs and did all the "blueprint" for reference. ^^

Quoted blueprint because mine are not blue at all. LOL!!! And these blueprints are a lot of hardwork okay!!! Since the day we were told there will be changes to our house, I've been filled with many many ideas! And for an entire week, I was busy with nothing but counting squares, designing our rooms and virtually shirting furniture in the living room. HEHEHE.

ps: Count squares because our tiles are all squared, and we wanted to be as accurate as possible!

Even though my ideas were reject (lmao!), I'm still in love with what's done. My sister got what she has always wanted, and designed a very nice spacious bedroom. ♥♥♥

And now... I present you our before, our design, our during and our after!!! :D


 photo P1040961_zps2e8d0cdd.jpg
Here's what you'll see back then. I've never liked the colors.
So mismatch. :X

 photo P1040957_zpsd1896de0.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture1782014221521bmp_zpsd879daa6.jpg
Our living room blueprint.
There were changes thereafter but this was our tentative design.

Took me freaking long to count the squares and put them down into excel.
(I was super proud of myself to have done it so accurately. LOL)

 photo P1350148_zpsf4b06a60.jpg
Here's the living room with one wall painted.
Pardon my unglamorous Dad here. Lol.
He was super exhausted even though he didn't do much. :X
We arranged to do the paintings over a span of 3 weekends.


Every weekend was exhausting for all of us. Before painting, we had to pack, clean, shift and clean. During the painting, we could only wait... wait... and wait. And then after the painting, we had to clean, shift, clean, unpack and clean some more!!! It was really exhausting even for just one day. Imagine us repeating the entire process three times!!! :O

 photo P1350161_zps8222f865.jpg
Messy living room is messy.
That's how we made space for the painters, electricians and contracts to move around easily: 
Clutter to a corner!!!
This picture has our new wall color too.

ps: this was also the day I was preparing for my phone interview with Singtel. Random note.

 photo P1350164_zps7b2c596d.jpg
Random shot of le mother reading her book while waiting for things to be done.




 photo P1350294_zpsb84de893.jpg
Brightened up living room with nicer, modern wall colors! :X

 photo P1350295_zps33c1e9f2.jpg
Turn to the right when you enter our house and you see this waterfountain.
Also the culprit that made my Dad fall early one morning.

 photo P1350293_zps3bd2aa34.jpg
And hidden by the purple chair and sofa....

 photo 20140811_220558_zps20aafcd0.jpg
New animal! A horse. . . .
Fengshui and their lucky items ah.

 photo 20140826_223402_zps9c97bd66.jpg
New console!
Our design too! Adapted from google. :X
Oh, and that's a hombot!
(Took this picture on 26 Aug because I realize I didn't capture this and the next)

 photo 20140826_223414_zps084e515e.jpg
The cupboard at the far left is also our own design!
My dad designed it, inspired by google again. Lol.

 photo P1350298_zpsc0005ff4.jpg
Nice nice?
This may look more cluttered than our previous layout in pictures, but the entire living room looks bigger in real life.


 photo P1040950_zpse5e3ea25.jpg
Was our bedroom back then.
Damn cramp!

 photo P1040965_zps952d3d83.jpg
I later join my sister to sleep on the floor too.

 photo Fullscreencapture1782014221425bmp_zpse0f1dd35.jpg
Our design! This took me a lot longer to draft out.
Looks damn simple, right?
The tedious part was counting the damn squares!
There were so much stuffs in the room.

 photo P1350151_zpsb61d5eba.jpg
Also took the chance to clean up the window sticker which became gross.
During the nights we were sleeping with this new window, it was damn creepy!

 photo 20140716_153053_zps277ae03f.jpg    photo 20140716_153136_zpsbbe0a4ac.jpg
Random insert of our new doors!!!! :D
While being fixed.

 photo P1350165_zps1d4200be.jpg
Amidst all the furniture installation!








 photo 20140826_223324_zpsd9633493.jpg
It's like the new office for my Dad and our new wardrobe area!
Does it look messy? LOL. It's already a lot better than the initial studyroom okay!

 photo P1350149_zpsff71a315.jpg
Random insert of dogged dog. xD
Sugar was as tired. We put her in a day care during all our paintings.
She'll always always come back more tired than her usual days because she play harder at the day care with all the other dogs. Lol.


 photo P1040952_zpse596e420.jpg

 photo P1040953_zps385a1b1b.jpg
See what I mean by a messier studyroom initially?! :X

 photo Fullscreencapture1782014221319bmp_zpsce57ca20.jpg
The "blueprint" for our new bedroom.
No more wardrobe means bigger space!!!

My initial ideas focused a lot on double-decked beds because I wanted to save a lot of space and make it a big bedroom. In the end, the Fengshui master say we have to sleep at each end.... And just like that, all my other designs were deleted. SOBS! But it's okay, because I love my bedroom now.

 photo Fullscreencapture1782014221341bmp_zps083c3bc7.jpg
My sister's idea. She has always loved platform bedrooms. Even though we couldn't transform the entire room into platform, at least she got half of what she want, yes? Lol.

Also managed to incorporate storage space, and not waste wood and space. xD

 photo P1350150_zpsf4fc4e05.jpg
The new bedroom color with all the paint and mess.

 photo P1350162_zps27b2b9f1.jpg
Jjang Jjang!!! Nice?
My mother hates the color. Lol.
It's not as dark in real life.

 photo P1350163_zps2ccd61e5.jpg
Bed being fixed!

 photo IMG-20140725-WA0000_zps35d0c29b.jpg
ps: The middle thing is a person. LOL.
A helper was hired to... uh... help. Lol. She did 70% of the cleaning.

 photo 20140826_223521_zps95a6085f.jpg
My bedroom is now a lot more spacious and clutter-free, I LOVE IT!! ^^

Okay. I'm done now.

To end this entry, here's a random shot of our remaining facial goods from Korea:
 photo 20140726_154028_zps914ff3d6.jpg
Still a lot la... But lessening. :(

And here's picture of my parents' bedroom:
 photo IMG-20140727-WA0002_zps6ae1c57e.jpg
They only got a new coat of paint, took our their All-In-1 Desktop and made a new cupboard.
Nothing special. xD


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