Monday, September 30, 2013

Short Fringe, Not Bangs.

Random update today because I'm bored and I have pictures! :D

Went to touch up my roots and trim my hair last Thursday~ Met up with Weishan for school today and she teased that she can't stop looking at my fringe because it's like bangs! :( But I know I look cute with bangs, so that's probably what she meant~ HAHAHAHAHA.

It didn't look like bangs when I took pictures with Zylia on Friday luh! Weishan even arranged my fringe personally to prove that it can become bangs. Lol.

 photo 20130930_133327_zpse8a59551.jpg

 photo 20130930_133357_zpse39cf2fc.jpg
Weishan's eyes are so crazily huge!
The size of mine is like half of hers! :O

 photo 20130930_133353_zps38e15998.jpg

 photo IMG-20130928-WA0009_zps6d387b9e.jpg
Random shot of me going to wash our bedsheets.
Proof-shot sent to my parents. HEHE.

Speaking of which, my parents are coming back tonightttttttt!!!!

 photo 20130928_163945_zps2bad407c.jpg

Abrupt end to random entry.

Buh bye.

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