Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Mid-Autumn Y'all~ ♥

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Instead of just gobbling down all the mooncakes and letting this festive pass like every other year, I thought it'll be nice to head out with the clique for a small celebration. ^^ Best decision! Super happy that we did because the night was awwwwwwesome!!!!

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Ze favourite people of my life.
So........... In order to have the date that accommodates most people, we decide to meet up a day before the actual festive. :)


Last night was so so so fun and crazy that Weishan and I woke up extremely exhausted this morning for school. We barely survived class. (Actually, we didn't. :x We left halfway because Weishan was ferverish and I was just........... I almost doze off just 30 minutes into the lesson!!!!)

I have no idea why my body from below torso ache so badly though. I don't remember running or doing any extensive actions last night except waving sparkle sticks........ :/ But my arms don't hurt!?

Anyhow, it was a really great night with my favourite people. :) As always.

Lance join in much later and the night ended with us resting in MacDonalds because we were craving for something cool. ^^

And oh! Despite the fantastic time, I couldn't help but think and harp on the loss of my brand new $18 mobile camera lens. T^T Just when I'm broke, I have to lose something that's not exactly cheap. Zz Even though I have a spare (lucky!) I still feel dejected that I lost it. :( It's probably in Hougang 1's Gong Cha outlet though. Because that's the only time I remember seeing myself take it out for........ no apparent reason. Tsssssssssssssssssssssssk.

Okay. Enough whining.

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Our lanterns, sparkles and candles proudly sponsored by Weishan. ^^
ps: Weishan's minion lantern is ugly and super annoying! lol.

It was a pretty long drive.

 photo P1130893_zps3395de5f.jpg
&TADAH! Here.

 photo P1130894_zps53ee4442.jpg
My pretty girlfriends and a tiko looking Gary. HAHAHAHA
ps: I didn't say Gary looks tiko here! One of the girls mentioned it last night.

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 photo P1130903_zps0a46fcfb.jpg

 photo P1130909_zpsfd03c58f.jpg
$10 admission into a not so pretty garden! :x

 photo P1130905_zpsf3335cff.jpg
This Karena is forever trying to get into pictures.

So when she was busy, we................................

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 photo P1130901_zpscd99066e.jpg

 photo P1130902_zpsb492d5bd.jpg

 photo P1130895_zpse4faa756.jpg

 photo P1130911_zpsc58961a0.jpg

 photo P1130910_zpsb9a02777.jpg

 photo P1130912_zpsf7a4091f.jpg

 photo P1130913_zps3d9a8ff5.jpg
Found a place to set up our lanterns. ^^

 photo P1130914_zps23bc290a.jpg
Look at what everyone's holding and spot the poser!!!!

 photo P1130915_zpsb996d7ff.jpg

 photo P1130917_zps8a0779da.jpg
While they were busy setting up, we camwhored!!! :D

 photo P1130919_zpsd3e256d7.jpg
You'll only get to see unglam shots here. ;)

 photo P1130920_zps70bf5725.jpg

 photo P1130921_zpsdaa9b1ad.jpg

 photo P1130922_zps2eb75f3a.jpg

 photo P1130923_zpsce0f15bb.jpg

 photo P1130924_zpsf69f09cd.jpg

 photo P1130925_zps0ba6c003.jpg

 photo P1130926_zps5a812da6.jpg

 photo P1130928_zps7bc7c5c9.jpg

 photo P1130929_zps9b2b293f.jpg

 photo P1130930_zps31ad7277.jpg

 photo P1130931_zps33388a78.jpg
LOVE LOVE LOVE Jolene's expression here. HAHAHAHHA.

 photo P1130935_zps8d49eea9.jpg
Poser Karena spotted!

 photo P1130936_zps85a0b672.jpg
Lanterns the traditional way! ^^
I'm still bummed that there was no plastic kindda lanterns. T^T

 photo P1130937_zps21636ad3.jpg
Superman ones were really nice though!

 photo P1130938_zps6412e383.jpg

 photo P1130939_zps3951d48e.jpg

 photo 2013-09-18211520_zps241c4d94.jpg

 photo 2013-09-18211514_zps638b99a0.jpg

 photo 2013-09-18211526_zps82918484.jpg

 photo 2013-09-18211412_zps00000c60.jpg

 photo P1130941_zps612af3ee.jpg
Out of focus but nice shot. :(

 photo P1130949_zpsd656d0df.jpg

 photo P1130950_zps103c8f5b.jpg

 photo P1130951_zps7ca4b658.jpg

 photo P1130953_zpsccb7ac25.jpg

 photo P1130954_zpseaa795b1.jpg

 photo 20130918_212024_zps47d87878.jpg

 photo P1130958_zpseb2f6850.jpg

 photo P1130960_zps99ff128e.jpg
Selfie gone wrong lol
(As described by Soohou)

 photo P1130961_zps66abd14d.jpg

 photo P1130962_zps7fa1cd21.jpg

 photo P1130963_zpsfdc71c86.jpg

 photo P1130964_zps643fda3f.jpg

 photo P1130965_zps35c4e88f.jpg

 photo P1130966_zps5c6af797.jpg

 photo P1130967_zps7d73c93d.jpg

 photo P1130968_zpsee01a7d9.jpg

Our lightsticks made these lanterns look kewl~ ;)

 photo P1130971_zpse61da3b2.jpg

 photo P1130972_zpsc57a5684.jpg

So....... We were trying to take a self-shot with this dinosaur and they suggested for me to stand on this huge rock. When we were almost ready for a shot, a really nice guy came forward and offered to help.

It was a really really nice gesture because I was very paranoid that I'll fall even before I manage a shot. LOL.


 photo P1130973_zps414478db.jpg

 photo P1130975_zps7c8a99e9.jpg
Did a few instavideos here. hehe.

 photo P1130976_zps41d4aa0f.jpg

 photo failed_zpsaad26ecc.gif
Us preoccupied with this for the next... few minutes. LOL.
And yes, I thought my arms will sore from this!
It was crazy fast moving!
But, we didn't adjust the shutter speed so all these were the failed shots. Zz
Waster..... at least 8 sticks of sparkles here!

 photo P1140063_zpse410f410.jpg

 photo P1140060_zps0f5436d9.jpg

 photo P1140061_zps125d2bcb.jpg

Lance arrived and we got down to... business. xD

 photo P1140066_zps46d982fd.jpg

 photo P1140068_zps78cb56ef.jpg

 photo P1140069_zpsad4590fd.jpg

 photo P1140070_zpsd93a775a.jpg
After these shots. xD

 photo P1140071_zps7ab59c78.jpg

 photo P1140072_zpsdd868a08.jpg

 photo P1140073_zps5d3480fe.jpg

 photo P1140074_zps55f0924c.jpg

 photo P1140075_zpsb7960c6f.jpg

 photo P1140076_zps50956c43.jpg

 photo P1140077_zps64884a7f.jpg

 photo P1140078_zps79cbeb40.jpg

 photo P1140079_zps3e2e31af.jpg

 photo P1140081_zps5d991714.jpg
We didn't put candles on these mooncake because it was weird and looked like we were offering it instead. :x

By the time we were done with our activities here, the park was practically empty...
There were probably less than 20 people around because it was late... Like... 10:30?

 photo P1140090_zps515e0fda.jpg
They spotted this and went in to play..

 photo P1140083_zpsf532eb57.jpg

 photo P1140084_zps0371860a.jpg
Nope, it's not operating anymore but just them running manually. LOL!

 photo P1140091_zpsaaf71ca1.jpg

 photo P1140092_zpseb5083ba.jpg
The two empty seats looked pretty creepy in the dark dark night.

 photo P1140096_zpsa62f3047.jpg
After sparkles, we played with lightsticks! ^^

 photo P1140098_zps2050654e.jpg

 photo P1140103_zps5e0c0b1d.jpg

 photo P1140104_zps6397fae3.jpg

 photo P1140107_zps5268cb23.jpg
I hope we'll be celebrating this festive and many other till we age!
And then, we'll be bringing out kids to do stuffs like this too. xD

 photo P1140111_zps4aad76c3.jpg
Random shot but here's Weishan asking Karena to roll their lightsticks down.

 photo P1140113_zpsff277c62.jpg
Get set... Ready... GO!

Obviously, only Karena the bimbo did it because Weishan was out to pull a prank. LOL.
Joke of the night. HEHE.
Should have had it filmed.

 photo P1140109_zpsa2c60e7c.jpg
The night at the garden ended but not for ours~

We went to a nearby MacDonald to continue chilling and get some refreshments for about 30 minutes before going home. :)

 photo 20130918_233417_zpsd2390014.jpg
In Lance's convertible!

 photo 20130918_233528_zpsd29a0ecc.jpg  photo 20130918_233642_zpsb8dafaf0.jpg

 photo 20130918_233647_zpsc92cf7b5.jpg
Aftermath. xD

Okay, that's all for the night. &Here's my favourite shots! ^^

 photo P1140102_zps9ff4f9ac.jpg

 photo 9593224d-537b-42f9-a564-7b411274203d_zpsfc184c57.jpg
Oh. Our descending height look really nice here. hahahha.

 photo P1130959_zps99bea12c.jpg
Run run run!!!!
(I wasn't exactly thrilled with this dinosaur thing though.)

 photo P1130952_zpsc3d9f37e.jpg

 photo P1140080_zps94c4f9f2.jpg

 photo P1140062_zpse630ae83.jpg