Friday, September 20, 2013

Fine Line Between Being Straightforward & Rude.

As the title suggest, I believe there's a very thin line between being straightforward and being plain rude.

It is okay to be straightforward, but one should never come off as rude. Because... well, you'll come of as rude and an asshole. I can take criticisms but you don't say it in a rude manner because I don't deserve your attitude and shitz.

Today's a pretty amaaazing day.

While discussing our project, one of our group members went all bitchy. (Then again, she seem to be bitchy and mean in nature so I'm gonna say she went all rude towards Weishan and I.)

What she said wasn't wrong. We skipped a few lessons and end up missing discussions because our lecturer allocates discussion time during class. But the way she put it all was just plain plain rude.

Midway discussion, she went exactly: "Just so you know, we are also in the midst of another assignment which we are rushing for. But we still turn up for class and have even came up with a tagline to tie our own idea. And we have already progressed into the second part despite our other assignments."

ps: We lied that we had to rush for assignments (we completed way ahead please) and thus skipped class. Truth is, we just didn't wanna be in class with them, her to be specific. Childish, yes, but we'll be responsible for our own schoolwork and they have never once mention lecturer allocating discussion time. But yes, still our fault.

Honestly, I think the whole paragraph was uncalled for. I asked if she's unhappy and she said she's just straightforward.

No, that's just being rude.

Are we working for her?
No, we certainly don't get paid to entertain her attitude.

Of course, since it was our fault, we apologised.

In fact, I apologised three times. But she remained rude.

After my first apology, I asked about their progress on project's second part and she continued to be an asshole saying "We didn't mean to leave you out of discussion, it was time allocated for group discussion during lecture, which you choose to skip."

Like.... uh.. Okay, I get it the first time already and have already apologized, it would be nice if she loosen up and stop acting like we owe her a living or something. She didn't have to end her sentence that way, right? We are already sorry.

Then, I continued to apologize again.

Later, I proceeded to confirm that our first part of the project would be done by this week and she replied "Tell me the urgency for part one"

It was pretty ridiculous because it's not how urgent part one is but more like,,, they are 4 days late of the due date we agreed together?! Even though Weishan and I skipped class (which I've apologised for), at least we were responsible with our work. And the reason I was curious is because I wanted to read up on what they have done too? It's a group project and I'm supposedly the leader, not her!?

Joke when I asked about her part and she replied she didn't have time to read up mine. ==;

From today's discussion, I found out the difference between being straightforward and rude.

I am straightforward and I say what's in my mind. But, I'm very very sure I would put my words nicely and remain respectful to whoever I speak to. I am blunt but not rude.

Weishan told me I didn't have to keep apologizing.

Truth is, I wasn't really sorry. I just wanted to apologize because I admit my mistake. It was indeed our fault to miss class.

But she continued being rude and an asshole that it made me boil.

Many things in life is not what we do or what we say but how we do and say it.

I didn't wanna be like her. I'm not a bitch. I'm not a rude bitch. So, I didn't want to give her a reason to continue chewing us out, which she still did. PFFT. At least, I know I'm above her because she end up being the only rude person in the entire conversation while I continued being nice.

I am thankful to her though.


Because of her rudeness, I felt something I've never felt before.

For the very first time in my life, I felt my blood boil.

I was so super angry that I was literally shaking while replying her message.
(I'm not sure if it's anger or hunger but yeah, I think it's anger. lol)

This is new to me and I find it quite amazing. lol. There's always a first for everything, yes?

Anyway, I'm blogging this because I wanna remember this experience.

I wanna remember never to be rude to people because I've felt how another would feel.

I'm happy I was able to get over that bitch within and hour. lol. Quick and calm tempered. Poor Weishan though, boiled and got back her fever because of that asshole.