Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Sugar....


I mentioned about not planning to switch on my laptop, let alone blog, for the next few days......

Well..... I lied. xD

It's not going to be a long entry though! Just,,, a few shots of Sugar I took yesterday and some random stuffs about this dog communicator (her name Fern) who came. Very rare of Sugar to look into my camera and phone when I take pictures of her, so it's a must to share! &Also, the communicating session we had yesterday. :3

 photo P1110994_zpsb7bb9eb5.jpg
She was just walking and minding her own business when I had to disturb and take a shot. xD

 photo P1110997_zps99185e54.jpg
Whatchu looking at??

I know she looks a bit grumpy like my sis (lol)

 photo 2013-04-14-17-45-54_deco_zps45744c0d.jpg
After her session with Fern!

Hmmmmmm. Fern is an advanced animal communicator (you can visit her site here) we got to know through other dog lovers in the neighbourhood! (Two shared their experience~) We were initially a bit skeptical and thought that it was a bit waste of money... Like, what can we do if she actually says that she dislike us or anything in the family?

But the family's love for Sugar is too big~ (lol, for real, everyone in the house except me though.)

So, we decide to just give it a try and everyone would chip in a little bit money for the session. Won't say it's expensive luh~ Affordable~

Anyway, so we had a few questions lined up to ask Sugar (some were seriously damn lame lol) and it was overall a very good session! It's very interesting how Fern does it................

Nope, not barking like a dog or talk out loud (lolol)

Through telepathy... They would just sit there and Fern would occasionally write on her notebook. We had to be really quiet and not distract Sugar though.

And she said that anyone can learn this skill!

 photo 20130414_162319_zps989e2f09.jpg
Start of the session.
Fern said Sugar's pretty intelligent and wasn't shocked that a conversation was happening. lol.
She also described Sugar sounding like a little girl.
Won't be able to comprehend if she says Sugar sound like a old lady uh. xD

We were just around them, watching and exchanging eye contact with each other.
At one point, Sugar even asked Fern if something was wrong and why were we all quiet and staring at them. lol.

It was very interesting because Sugar was just laying around, scratching herself and looking as if she wasn't interested.
But, she eventually look like she's really having a conversation. Look like.

 photo 20130414_162545_zps366b55ef.jpg

 photo 20130414_163315_zpsb48be2d4.jpg

 photo 20130414_164819_zps554a7c87.jpg
Fern scanning Sugar's body. Can see Sugar looking up at Fern too!

 photo 20130414_164846_zps1c7a92a3.jpg

We had questions like her favourite color (LOL! Lame, I know!), her favourite food, why she stop liking dog palace, her thoughts about Petopia & Petlovers, her thoughts about the family, why she doesn't smell other dogs, where is she hurting (she was sick), her thoughts about going out, if she like sitting in a car, her thoughts about my sister cutting her hair and bathing her, why she doesn't like us carrying her, why she hides under the sofa and a whole lot of other questions. My sister had them recorded in a notebook but I can't find it and these are all I remembered. ==;

Her answers were amusing.

It's like she's giving diplomatic answers, especially about our family. She says she loves us all. Cheh. I know she doesn't love me as much leh. lolol.

&The answers we got were:

No color preference (they can see colors, not colorblind! Just colors in tinted blue/green~), beef and fish(we already know she likes fish!), because dog palace was dirty (we also know she's a clean freak lol) and makes her feel itchy, she can't understand why she has to go Petopia (one of the funny answers) but she'll go if we think it's good for her (see, diplomatic!), okay with Petlovers.

We later explain to her why we put her in Petopia. She actually said she rather stay at home alone. Who's going to feed and clean up after her?! This dog is still a baby in the mind man.

She loves us all (pui lol) and even says that she feels just like one of us! Like a baby in the family, she even asked if she's a baby (my mother cried when she heard this, see so much love for Sugar), she doesn't think she's a dog that's why she doesn't smell other dogs~, she vomits everytime she feel nausea but she doesn't know why, she loves going out and enjoys this clear path in our neighbourhood (image was sent i think), and she likes riding the car but long journeys make her drowsy (another funny answer lol cute).

She is okay with my sister cutting her hair or doing anything to her as long as it doesn't hurt (tactful much? lol), she finds hugging awkward (wthhhhhh!), she likes having me-times (lol another funny one, she's so much like my weird sister).......

Fern also explained why biting was bad (we asked, and she said she didn't know it was bad). Funnily, when she was playing with my sister later that night, she didn't bite as much as she used to. Like.... she'll let go immediately. lol. Coincidence? She told Fern she bites to relieve stress though. lol.

And we finally know why she goes crazy sometimes. Crazy as in making a hell lot of noise with her toys and running around the house in fullspeed like some athletic training for a marathon - It's because she's happy. She asked Fern if we know she's happy. hur. :') Now we know you weren't being crazy. lol.

Oh ya, we also asked why she would bite my mothers' clothes and bark at her. Well, with common sense, we know it's because they want something. My mother caught up with it but we asked anyway. Sugar says she doesn't have any ill intention but just wanna talk to my mother.... She ended off with "but mummy don't understand me."

lol!!! When I heard it, it sounded like teenagers complaining about parents not understanding them.

She also said she thinks she look okay.. LOL!!! But she prefers to have long hair. (Nope, not gonna happen ah. lol.)

That's officially the last thing I can recall. ><

The whole session ended off with Fern telling us Sugar seems to be hiding something from her. We later found out it's because she's missing something... Like something has changed in the house or something precious was taken away from her.

Took my mother and sis a long time to figure that it's her bestfriend that she's missing. Awww... :')

There was this Shihtzu Sugar hung out with a lot as a puppy, but the dog was later sent away because her owners were heading back to China. My sister realized she became more restless and lazy thereafter but didn't relate it to the loss of her bestfriend... Awww... :') My parents promised to visit the dog though.... siao right? lol. She immediately sat up and agreed (or so it look like la!)

The session was beneficial. At least we know she's happy. :)

Ahhhhh!!!!!!! What a "short" entry ah.

Heading back to books now.

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