Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of Snake.

...... &I'm back! ^^

Wishing you all
A Happy Snake Year
with lotsa good luck and greaaat health! :3


Lunar New Year this time is different...................

Though I say this every year (lol!), I swear, this time my thoughts that are no longer the same! :((( 

As of today.

Sadly, I'm not particularly excited for the Lunar New Year this year. Considering how enthusiastic I get with almost every festive; Even I am surprised!! :O

Though I'd started buying new clothes since November last year (erhm, I have 10 tops this year lol) I felt almost nothing when the festive was actually nearing. Nothing~ :(

On the Eve itself (which is yesterday), I was going by the day with no excitement! No excitement!!!! Waaaaaaa. But, I did felt quite proud when I was finally done with spring cleaning~~~ ^^

As mentioned, we've spring cleaned the house slowly over the weeks and yesterday, I cleared my the drawers of m supposedly ressing table ( I no longer use it for that purpose >< ) &Boy do I have a fair bit of nonsense inside. lol.

So anywayz! When my relatives started coming to our place, it felt pretty.............. Normal.

I concluded (yes, with myself!) that it's because we have family dinner once every few months so it felt really ...... usual! I blame the food we had too! While almost everyone was enjoying steamboat dinner, my family eats up a scrumptious buffet dinner; which is literally like every other dinner we have! Tsk.

I guess I didn't complain as much in the past because Instagram wasn't as popular and I didn't have to scroll through pictures and pictures of people having steamboat ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! lol. 

Things started to change when the relative we visit on the first day left the world about 2(?) years ago. :(

We tried to create a new tradition for the Chua family; to watch a movie on the first day. This is so that we can dress up pretty with our new clothes on the first day and take a family portrait  But but but! My parents feel lazy to head out this year and we're only watching "Ah Boys to Men 2" on Tuesday. :((

Because there was no activity for today, we just did the usual greetings, wishing, lunch and chilled in our place (my family is the host every year!) before the relatives went home in the evening. I even napped.......... lol. My sister commented that we didn't take pictures too... I guess I felt lazy to take the usual initiative when I'm just in my new home wear.

Here's two shots I took till now though!

Sugar asking for Red Packets last night!
She was more interested in the treat though. lol.

&Here's cute cute Joey. ^^

Okay la. I hope it's just today that I'm feeling so unenthusiastic......................... and tomorrow I'll be all excited and high for the Year of Snake again! :3 &Oh, I haven't eaten much goodies this time leh. :/ Hmmmmmmmmmmmz.

I hope the festive isn't as boring as it was for me for you guys! ^^

ps: After these few days, I have to jump straight to mugging. What a sad shit. lol.

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ps: I'll update again later!