Friday, December 28, 2012

2 Rounds of Dinner before Dessert!

Finally met up with Cressa last night!!! ^^ Fugui, Keong Yi and Hui Yi joined us too! :D It's been many many months since I last saw Hui Yi~ And it's been 9 years since I last saw Keong Yi. Strictly speaking, I don't even remember having much of a conversation with him when we were classmates for two years. Lol.

We've all changed and grown up :')


Actually went for two rounds of dinner becaus Cedele asn't really filling or ideal for Fugui! And also because Hui Yi reached Serangoon only when we were done~ After Cedele, we met up with Hui Yi thinking to have second round a Chomp Chomp ut as usual, it was so pack we had to change our idea. End up having Roti Prata. I was too full though, only shared Indian Rojak! :) Thereafter, brought them to this dessert place in the vicinity before ending the night with an hour of chitchat at Hougang 1's MacDonald. :D

It feels super nice to meet up with people you've supposedly known for a decade. Hurrrr. Hopefully, we'll have more of such meetups ^^

Cedele as nice! Food portion seems small though.

Someone familiar slicing bread. lol.

"Cockroaches" for the night as they offended Fugui. hahahha.
It was pretty funny.