Sunday, March 11, 2012

Purple Fairylights!!! ☺

Like roses along the shelf!

This simple string of lights took me more than an hour to put up!!!! I was on the verge on giving up and just let it rot in the box. >< But thank god I didn't! ^^ At least this boring piece of wood that I-most-certainly-did-not-want-my-dad-to-drill-in, is now more special. :D

My parents have been bugging me about the wooden shelf. Despite me insisting that I do not want it at all, they did it anyway. ==; Secretly when I wasn't home the day before. TSK! But thanks to them, and that, I now have a place to hang up these fairylights! ^^ Was having a headache previously trying to figure where it'll fit in the room. And I guess, that's actually the best place. :D

During the day. So preeeetty!
So girly!!!! Lol.

@night! Gives my room a whole new feel!
This corner now feels romantic when I on it at night. LMAO.