Monday, February 20, 2012

Shortest Weekend Ever!!

Back at work..................................................


When I opened my eyes this morning, I felt this major reluctance to prepare for work. I don't dread work or the preparation for work (that was the initially, no longer), it's just................. It felt like I didn't get enough rest at all..

The weekend felt like it was the shortest weekend I've ever had in my life so far.

No joke.

I welcomed the weekend; stoning in my living room staring at my blue walls for half hour or so - after 13 hours of work. Yes, 13 hours. I left my office after 9+pm. Spent my entire Saturday out with the family (Y)! and then started off my Sunday with tuition and ending it with work again.

It was because of my long break onboard Legend of the Sea and one of the Mondays I woke up with a headache and missed work that workload has snowball-ed.

Not exactly snowball-ed because there was same amount of work to be done with the same deadline.

Deadline was nearing and the workload remained the same.


Felt really bad the first time Jasmine had to help me out with my work. This time, it happened again. And it was Jasmine and another colleague of mine. Was really disappointed and frustrated with myself for the entire week.

My inefficiency.
My habit for being too bothered about tidiness.
My inefficiency.
Have I mentioned my inefficiency?? :'/

But I'm glad I was able to divert these negativity on my work and focussed solely on it. :')

About being a perfectionist~~~~~~

Suddenly recall this time when my sister said I am a perfectionist and Gary joined in to emphasize on it. I never once thought I am one because I thought I'm rather slack.. Lol.

One thing for sure; I put in my best effort in whatever I do and make sure things are neat.
But after them joining force to point it out, I started to think about it.

I guess I'm sort of a perfectionist? The project this time greatly highlights it I guess? :/ Because, I can't stand untidiness. And I make sure whatever I do is consistent (even the size of the scotch-tape I cut LOL!). Because of my low-tolerance for untidiness, I actually re-did what was initially done. Sigh. Prolly the other reason why I'm so darn slow to finish everything.

Also recalled the times when I did projects. Didn't realize it then, but I have to make sure the reports and powerpoint slides are consistent and all. And I especially hate it when things are crooked when they are not supposed to~ Kindda the reason why I rather be the one with all the end product and all........................... One of the many examples~

Wait, wait, aren't this just my low-tolerance for untidiness??????

I'm confused.


Time today is ticking off so darn fast.

First thing I remember of the morning? *looks up at clock* Lunch time!!! :O ?!!

&During lunch time, we talked about Shamyn.
Really miss her. :')