Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blue's Clues!!

My camera is now blue... Wanted pink but they were out of stock again!
Am not in love with it but shall make do with it anyway. Main reason was to protect my camera anyways..


So while she was having her blue blue make over, Yugine and I had a really good Karaoke Session at Party World for 2 hours! I still feel bad for only being available for 2 hours! :( Worse when the make over took much longer than expected. Zz

We agreed to meet up after the new year and after she go for her haircut. BIG.CHANGE. She's like one of the very few (there's ONE other) who's bold enough to make such a change!


Still pretty :D &SHE SINGS WELL. ZOMG.
Can't believe it was out first time last night. :O


Gosh! So fugly here! (me, duh!) Lol!




I was in the end late to meeting my s. !!! $%#$%#@$@ Felt extremely bad but I guess they are bored and tired of my apologies...

Three of my left toes were slammed hard by the taxi door because I was too anxious though. So, punished? I think so! ><

Headed down to Xinhui's (my primary school bestfriend!) place and zomg! Nostalgic! I went to the wrong side of the house initially though. LOL. It's been 5 years! Don't laugh.

When I was at the right portion of the flat, I saw this big area outside her house and suddenly recalled the times we spent there back then. Hahaha. Kindda frequent to her place back then uh. Watched my first ever horror film there too!

I was 11.

Would also go to the other side of her house and surf the internet or something. xD

Can't really recall why we'll always end up at her place but we also used to stay in her room and sing! If I'm not wrong, we kindda filmed or acted like we were in some Music Video. LMAO!

Those were the days.

I'm impressed with myself. Can actually really remember some of them. See, everything in life changes, it's the memories that don't! #justsaying. Saw her mother and her brother too. No change. :)

But it felt so nice.

If only Ruyi and Haniza were there with me too. Hurrrrr.

Here's two random (&similar) videos of Sugar and her wiggle! It's kindda funny how she'll wag her tail only when she tries to figure where we threw her ball. Hard to explain so if you're interested, click play! :D

I have no idea why I find it really amusing and cute. xD