Friday, April 04, 2008

Yet Another NPCONCC Gathering!!

My 390th blog entry! (:(:(:

Before I go on about today...
GREATTTTTTTTTTT la~ I'm still waiting for my laptop's arrival. ):): I'm so jealous of those who have already configured their lappies la!
Basically, Gary Darius and I went over to the roadshow held in NYP (03/April/2008). We went there on the first day because we were trying to be typical Singaporeans, Kiasu. However it seems that this time round, we're not kiasu enough. LOL! By the time we decide on which laptop to get & finished our payment- our choice of laptop went out of stock. Zzz Then, we were informed that the people would give us a ring latest the next day. I didn't know next day means so many days later. ): I'm so disappointed.
Gary and I suspect that the people would first sell the stocks to people there and ring us up only when there's remaining stocks left for the day. Crap.

Anyway, not important.

For the following pictures:
Pardon for having unclear pictures this time round. I've re-sized all the images because I'm reaching my uploading-pictures-for-blog limit. ):):): &&&, re-sizing them made uploading pictures so much faster! To those who wants the pictures, please get it from me because these are seriously very very UNCLEAR! You hear me?! LOL. I'll get a thumb-drive soon, for easy transfer. (:

Today's yet another great gathering with NPCONCC without our smart & pretty Chiulee and Mr. Cool Guy Samuel. ): It seems that both of them have been missing quite a number of our outings lately. By the way, the above picture is our group photo. NPCONCC, seniors! (: There suppose to be 13 of us anyway. ):

Anyway, we still had hell lots of fun! It's so good to be meeting them as often as we can. Who knows when our next outing would be. What more, school's officially starting in a weeks time; for some of us. ): Drats!

Woke up around 10+ to start on the sandwiches. Then, waited for my sister to get home and get ready before we leave for Gary's place. Many of us were famished! All thanks to Gary, we didn't have any fried noodles to really fill our hunger with. ):):):
PS: It's okay Gary, we don't blame you for your blurr-ness and miscommunication with your mama. (:
So... My sister and I were the first to reach their(Gary and Serene's) place. HAHA! No la. Serene was the first.
Aftermath, Weishan, Weixin and Joey came over. We laid the food properly and started munching already. xD Can't blame us for being hungry because it was way past our lunch time. Around 3 already lorh! The rest came over only at around 3.30pm.

Good thing my tuition was postponed or else, I would have to leave the place at 4pm without having any fun! (; So, after filling about 1/2 of our hunger, we started to have fun! (:

Alright! Weishan prepared some fried food while Serene, Ivy and Yaping did our all-time-favourite sushi and I did sandwiches!

It doesn't look as appealing as it should be, though. ):

Some stunned looks I've found while viewing the whole album. xD

So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Especially Ivy! HAHAHA!
By the way, the picture with Gary in it is just an extra to fill up the space. =x

Munch.. munch! YUMMY!

Thanks arh Gary! No filling food. HAHA!

Yaping! Tsktsk. She has been eating her chicken since the time we started playing until.... I think she didn't get to finish it. LOL! Every time she has nothing to do, you'll see her sitting quietly eating. xD

First game for the day!
Truth or Dare?!

Really have to thank Cindy for preparing the questions and dares. (:(:

Guess who's our first victim?!

If I'm not wrong, the arrow pointed inbetween Weishan and Gary. Thus, they did Scissors, Paper Stone to see who's so unlucky. & GARY got it! HAHAH. The so unlucky one who got bird-shit the day before. LOL!

So, he flipped the coin to determine whether he is to do truth or dare. As expected... he got DARE!
Then, we got this crazy dare... to have eyeliners drawn! (:(:

Getting it done by his one and only...
...Great sister! LOL! Serene, don't think so much eh. xD

Initially it looks alright but after some time, it looked as if he has a larger left eye than the right one. LOL!

Then my sister got this dare to drink mixed drinks! Gross~ LOL!

Thanks ar Gary. Added so many Honey-Dew syrup! LOL.

*Slurp , Slurp*

After my sister, it was Weixin! I can't remember her question leh. She got truth, by the way.

Next next next, was Motherly Jolene. A dare. Act and stand like a monkey! In the second and third picture, I think Soohou was trying to teach her how to be one. LOL!

Resembles a monkey? LOL!

Next up! Serene~ Can you see the coin?
This picture is damn cool! I like the effect of the coin being in midair! HAHAHA!

Hers was a dare to take a picture with someone in the pool!
We wanted her to take with the opposite gender lorh~

Thus, we protest and she did it again after doing Scissors, Paper, Stone with Cindy. Good thing there were Caucasians.

Unlucky Gary got it again! LOL! This time, truth.
Question was: "How do you feel when you smell your fart?"

A little crazy. He said "Shiok arh!" with this stupid look! HAHAHA!

Then, Yanling got it! A dare: To be tickled for one minute!

She can't take people touching her even. LOL!

Her one minute didn't last long eh. LOL! We tickled her for about... 45 seconds?! LOL!

Then then then, it was Weishan! Well, her dare was to rub her nose against the opposite gender in our group. There was only 3 guys larhs. Zzz So, she spin the thing again and Soohou got it! LOL!

Trying to protest and saying how innocent an unfair it is to him. LOL! No one cared eh. xD

& Maybe that's why she had this really cute stunned look! hahaha.

Uh oh!! This shows that pictures speak a thousand words but never the truth! HAHAH.
Don't read the last three pictures wrongly! They weren't kissing. HAHAH! They were merely trying to rub their nose for five times! Anyway, no one kiss with their mouth opened, right? LOL! Really cute la. hahaha!

Lucky Soohou~ xD

Yaping! Your turn! LOL!

Hers was truth: "Tell us how intimate your relationship have gone"
Something like that.

Passing the baton~

Lance~ You're next! (:(:(:

He's was dare: To smell someone's armpits! Too bad Jeremias wasn't there. HAHAH!

In the first picture: Soohou- "Wah lau! Why me again?!" LOL!
Too bad la Soohou~ LOL. But it's okay, you smell nice! (:(:(:

Next up, after doing Scissors, Paper, Stone Weishan got it! Lucky Gary.

Truth: "Where is the place something romantic happened?"

She kept saying nowhere because she didn't think there was any place something romantic happened. But we all insisted that it was during her birthday celebration around Gary's function room.

Ohh ohh! I forgot to say~ We had all our activities in Gary's Function Room! (:(:(:

Then she said "ZOO!" because she and Yaping imitated the baboon scratching each others' head. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click HERE! and read about our trip to the ZOO! (:(:

That's my hand scratching her head trying to re-enact what happened. xD

Inbetween again~ LOL! Now, it's Ivy and Joey~

Ivy, dare: To give an innocent look!

Next was naughty Cindy!

She sang "Love Song"~ She can sing eh! & We've filmed the whole thing like as if it was some MTV~ HAHAHA.

A pity she sat down all the way. ):

My sister got it again! LOL. This time to jump into the shallow pool outside~ LOL!

The last picture like super cool la~ HAHAH! See her feet like half way in already. xD

Next next, Lance again~. To bite one of the girls ear. So unlucky, Weixin got it! HAHAHA!

They really bite okay! LOL!

Yanling's first time was given to Gary; next!

*Peck peck~**
When Yanling read the dare, she asked me: "Does it mean to peck on the shoulder?"
She said peck but she demostrated and pat on my shoulder! Zzz

Then, everyone got their fair chance except me. So, for the last truth, I was being forced to do it! LOL! They asked me how many times do I fart in a day. Zzz Estimate. =.= LOL!

After the great well-organised game of "Truth of Dare", we played Twister!

After that, they got bored so we played this game called "Bomb, Ah" (according to Lance). It's a very nice game la~ I won't be elaborating it here because it's hard to explain with text. Anyway, after a few rounds, we got two forfeiters - Ivy and Yaping. While they did their forfeit, some of us went to the ladies. By the time we were back, some of them didn't feel like playing anymore. ):):): So, we played some number games befre deciding to play Murderer~ The hands version! (: We sang and sway along with the songs being played while playing. It felt really nice and cosy. HAHAHA! Seriously! (:

We took some pictures but I didn't upload any. Anyway, while we were playing Murderer~ they were some vainpots camwhoring at the other side of the room.

Sorry Cindy, got half of your head chopped off~ xD

So, we typical cam-lovers ran towards them when they were taking group photos!

Can you see us rushing from the back?! LOL!

Cute right?! LOL!

After some crazy moments snatching the camera, we decided to take some nice shots. So, the seniors headed out of the function room while the rest of the juniors (only three. =.=) took pictures for us! Really have to thank them! (:(: Especially my sister! HAHAH! She was the photographer okay!

Love them to bits!

Cindy: "Who wanna piggy back me!"
Jasmine: Went infront of her.
LOL! Very random, I know. xD

Then, Cindy took my camera and went around taking candid individuals.

Not very candid though. xD I really love Soohou's picture! So nice!

After which, the girls went crazy and suggested to take some jumping shots!

Cindy was determined to do one nice one because, according to her, she haven't go one decent jumping shot of herself! LOL!

Nice right?! LOL! But some of them got blocked and some blurred~ LOL!
Anyway, the first three very nice! xD

More crazy jumping shots!

Then Weishan started to steal the lime light again. LOL!

Aftermath, there was this group of children who came forward and asked if they could join in the fun. It was really funny because I felt really kiddy when they came over and ask. LOL!
"Jie jie, can we play with you?"

Like so... my childhood times! HAHAH! But, I didn't dare to go up to any teens back then. xD

So, we took some jumping shots with them! HAHAH!

Best shot!

After playing with them, they started sort of stalking us. They asked if they could come in and stuff but we didn't want them in. Then they started laughing at us outside the room when we took group photos with every single one of us there.

The pictures we took while they will laughing like-as-if-we-were-clowns outside, infront of us. Zzz

In the last four shots, I can't remember who but we all sort of crumbled down. LOL!

Then, Gary's maid brought Gabbie down! LOL

Initially, we thought we might have a hard time letting him in because the kids outside would rush in too! But I guess talking to them make things work too. xD They listened and went away. LOL! The best thing was... They wasn't interested with playing with us but the coke in the room! LOL!

Slacked a little while more before Yaping Yanling my sister and I had to leave.


Well, we wanted to take bus 72 because there was extra charge~ PEAK HOUR!!! ):): It was around 7.30pm & my second tuition's at around 8pm. So, I had to the bus stop. In the end, we missed the bus despite running like hell. So, we took cab home again! ):): Money flying~

When I reach home, I did a quick bath and waited for my student. GREAT! They were late~ LOL! Wasted my money and time rushing. ):):):

Alright! Enough of my rantings again! (:

If only we can do such gathering every week! ):):):

PS: How I wish such moments would last forever...

Gary about to be pushed into the water by Weishan and Serene! LOL. He was wet then everyone rushed back to the room in case he does something to wet us all~ LOL!

Best Group Photo!
(Except for Serene)

Gotta go now! Buhbye!

PS: It's alright and normal to get hurt.

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