Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yet another day...

Drats~ Very sad to see that the previous entry cannot be viewed in IE. Zzz
I've used almost 3 hours to complete them eh. ): Sad.

Alright ! School yesterday was as per usual.
Was especially happy and enthusiastic yesterday. ):

Ohh ohh ! I realise I forgot about Gary's Birthday Gift for me ! hahaha~ I guess he didn't notice that I forgot his. hahah! Well, Gary made me a Senior Citizen EZ-Link card.

Have to also thank my DPA mates, Clara and Christina for their gifts. A Tee-Shirt and a Pink Care Bear! hahah!

Because I still can't see how to make IE view my 2008 March posts (because of the previous post), I'm not uploading any pictures of my other birthday gifts. ):

Clara with HuanQing's spectacles and I!

Pretty Puteri with HuanQing's specs, me and a little of Clara~ (:

(: Christina with her new haircut, Puteri and ME! (:

After class, went over to AMK Bus interchange to take 72 with my course mates. We've really bonded together eh & it would be a great pity after school officially starts for I'll be seperated from them. ):
Anyway, we(some course mates and I) were suppose to go out to catch a movie la but in the end we didn't. )= Wanted to go home for nap before dining out with EC mates but ended up traveling all the way to Tampines Bus Interchange. Zzz
Imagine traveling from one end to the other. Super sleepy.

The thing is, I'm suppose to meet Yanling at the bus interchange so that we can get Edmond's birthday present in Tampines Mall. However, Yanling had to finish her things in school so I went on searching for the gift first.
I felt like an idiot shopping alone. LOL! What more, I felt my eyes shutting on and off luh~ Zzz Bet it's the cold and the fact that I was alone. Yanling only came by half an hour later.

Showed her what I've eyed and had a hard time deciding what to get - for some we wanted wasn't available in Edmond's size. Aftermath, we went to Minitoons to get wrappers and scotch tape before settling down in Mac to wrap the gift.


Anyway, after all these we met Jiaxuan in one of the bus stops nearby.
Yanling was the joker man. LOL! I can't remember how many times she said ;
"I think it's this..."
"I know where le..."
That kindda thing. LOL! Made us walked round and round and round. Zzz

Headed to Hougang Mall's Cafe Cartel to do a little dinner celebration for Edmond.

Before meeting the guys, Yanling made this comment :
"Today only got EC people going right? Confirm hor.."

Then I realise, I must have been blind to not see Marcus in my class for 2 years...
LOL! Or is he even in? xD
He was the extra one luh~ Very ke lian - being bullied by Yanling & me. hahah!

Birthday boy, Jiaxuan and Yanling.

EC Mates with Gangyi's appearance!
Hahaha! So long never see him le. xD

US all! (:

Had to help Yanling with her assignment so didn't get to blog about yesterday's event straight away.


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