Monday, March 17, 2008

Agnes' Voice!

I'm currently in class now &
Yah, I'm suppose to be studying but I'm not! xD

Had a little conversation with Agnes and we started crapping about her lost of voice:

Jasmine - "Where did your voice go?"
Agnes - "She went to Malaysia because she's a Malaysian."
Jasmine - "Your voice's a Malaysian?"
Agnes - "Yeah."
Jasmine - "Where did your voice come from?"
Agnes - "KL? Johor?"
Jasmine - "Genting's better! LOL~"
Agnes - "I don't know, my mother bought it for me."
Jasmine - "Really? LOL! I want one too! hahaha."
Agnes - "But I heard England ones are better. Go buy from there."
Jasmine - "Wah. Then I can win the title of Singapore Idol eh. LOL!"

Very no link, I know. hahaha. Our conversation went something like that. It was funny la, how we discussed about her voice's whereabout.
I'm the initiative one okay! I asked her why's her pm so vulgar ; "Fuck-ing enrolemt thing". Tsktsk! Then, we started talk about Poly and her Malaysian voice! hahaha~ I was concern about her voice's whereabouts but she crapped lorh. So saddening. LOL! She still said she's going to punish me in her blog tonight. WHAT IS THIS?! So much for being kind, caring and concern. LOL! xD

Uh oh! Lecturer's here... Zzz Need to do our quiz(test). BYE!

*I think I prefer having my mind occupied by you.
Now, it feels so empty and messed up without you in it.

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