Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Alright, news have been going on about results being released on the 24th of Jan ; are you scared? LOL!

Some asked me :
"Are you scared to get your results on the 24th?"
I answered :
"If I say I'm not, I must be lying."
How can one not be nervous, excited or terrified to get the results after putting great effort?

Then some will comment :
"What worries do you have? You already have a place through DPA."
My answer is simple :
"The most important thing is the result, the grades that I've achieved after the effort I've put in - that is what matters more."

How can I not be worried? All these while, my parents have been "investing" on me by providing tuitions for me. I guess some would say that I'm wasting their money anyway but, that depends on the results isn't it? If I were to score badly, I would have embarrassed them ; not only would I feel that I've wasted their hard earned money, I would feel embarrassed for my tutors and of course, myself.

How can I not be worried? All these while, my friends and I have been putting in effort like crazy for the sake of this test - the major test for our future. To add on, there were those teachers who were there to help out and guide us, almost daily. If I were to score badly, I would feel guilty for those who has been by my side all these while ; be it for guiding or company while studying.

How can I not be worried? In Singapore, Certificate is like... It's like a damn piece of paper that makes people judge you. Ya, go on about certificates being just plain pieces of paper, we can still excel in life without it. Do Singaporeans all think this way? Hell no!
Although I, myself, strongly feel that certificates are just pieces of paper, and that we can still excel without it, I have to go along with the flow - with what majority thinks in this society.
A good thing I've used up my holidays well by working in areas that might be bonus for me in future to hunt jobs. (=

At the end of the day, I have to sum it up and say :
"What can I do with what I've achieved anyway? The examination has been taken months ago, I can't change anything ; now, it's time to move on."
Being worried, and all the other crazy body chemical reaction working inside us, doesn't change our grades - But, we can't do anything about how we feel, can we?
Feeling anxious is inevitable, isn't it? Tell me, who is able to be calm all the way and not feel an ounce of fear and maybe be wavered by what others is feeling?

*Thanks to those who has put in the effort to inform me about the date and time results are going to be released. I'm sorry for not replying. (=

I don't picture myself holding a certificate with extremely low and surprising results because I know there are certain subjects that will drag me terribly. I just hope my worst imagination don't come true.

Just hope I'll be crying with tears of joy but not otherwise.
Just hope I'll be able to shout my grades out loud.
Just hope I'll be proud of my achievements but not sulk with regrets.
Just hope... All these hopes would be more than just... Hopes.

Long post, long post..

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