Sunday, June 04, 2006

i'm cool.

hahas. frankly speaking, what i posted last night or this morning are all 'qi hua'. i didn't really mean them. =] i'm a nice person remember? hahas. but i think everyone are talking were they are angry so it sounds harsh and nasty.

anyway, jie jie yani go home le! sobbs. now i really have to do house work. lols. work up real late today because slept at 0530. hahas. was chatting with gary, fengni and eugene (the one who is forever laughing and seldom talks). hahas.
woke up and watch television again! hahas. then went to the airport. took some pictures and send jie jie yani off. for once, i didn't shed a tear. hahas. then we went to marine parade. ate ice-cream! hahas. then shop and went to eat dinner.
after that went to giant because my mother is forever buying groceries (or whatever the actual spelling is). then send my grandma and xiaoxuan's maid home and went to hougang ave 8 block 644. my father didn't have dinner so went there to eat. saw poo kwee, wonder why is her working there. hmms.

gosh. i'm really sorry to all those i've offended. i'm really sorry. didn't mean what i meant. i'm really sorry.

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