Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Badminton With MBB Friends!

This evening's activity with friends at work!
I am so glad you can't see how red I was in this picture. Hahaha.

It has been ages since I last played badminton.......
And today, after that hour, I died. x.x Lol.

Not as if I played throughout that hour, and that's the lousy part! Lol. So breathless so easily and I tend to stop chasing after the shuttlecocks. :X

Anyway, am super touched they were so nice to ask me along! HEHE. I am only close to a few of them though we have been working in the same office and have been seeing each other for a while now (6 months now!). Hopefully it'll be less awkward when we bump into each other in the corridor of our office now? Or maybe not. Lol.

Am also glad they managed to get the courts at Hougang Sports Hall this time. The other times are always too far! So while the rest went to check out the pasar malam near Hougang Mall, Samantha and I quickly came home for a quick dinner and changed our clothes before meeting them again outside the Sports Hall.

It's fun to do something different apart from my usual Amore classes!

To meeting more new people! 🍻

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