Friday, August 14, 2015

Approximately 6 Months Later

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......... Clara's finally back, and we've met up again!! :D

The last time was really 6 months ago (read here!), but I am glad it'll be easier to meet up now that Clara's back for a longer time. ^^

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Met up on Wednesday and had a crispy dinner at Dhoby Ghaut's 4Fingers X. Shared their 18pcs wings/drumettes with Yugine, and boy am I going to avoid eating chicken for a while now.. Like.. for one day. xD

Had quite a bit to catch up on each other's life, which we did most at 4Fingers, but we proceeded to Kokomama X for desserts thereafter!

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Though we don't meet as often, I am glad we still have things to talk about and things we'll still tease each other about. :')

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Just 4 of us in this shot because Yugine gave up. Lol.

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Till next time!!

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