Friday, February 27, 2015

Yesterday ~~~

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Dinner with the Under 1.6m friends. :D

We've all took out some time to gather and have dinner now that Clara's back for a while. The last time we met as a group was 7 months ago when I was still unemployed. :O How time flies! Caught up with each other's life and had a nice simple dinner at Ang Mo Kio's Nakhon X! Still think the outlet here has better good than the one at Kovan. :X

I hope our plans to meet again (real) soon would happen! :D

Back at work, I've received quite a few red packets and I feel so fortunate! ^^ Even some of my Indian colleagues joined in and gave me one. So super nice of them! I feel a bit shy though happy. HEHE. 5 more days to go go go!

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Random selfie with lunch 'carkeys' yesterday too!
Was showing them how to wide angle selfie works. Haha.
Not all of us here today though.
We were on our way to Nanyang Poly for lunch.

Our office is not very far from Nanyang Poly. It's just a 15 minutes walk under the bloody hot sun. Lol. We always say how walking back to office would make us all hungry even after lunch. The only thing lacking in our office area is a nearby place for healthy food. :( I wish there were more shuttle buses for us to head out! Lucky for me, I pack lunch most of the time. HEHE.

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