Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lazy To Go Out

 photo 20150117_154242_zps4ob65kks.jpg  photo 20150117_154246_zpsn94jay96.jpg


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I am feeling so so so lazy right now. I just want to continue laying on my sofa with the adorable sleeping Sugar. xD

But I've agreed to hangout with a friend, and I'm not the kind to allow my laziness to take over and disappoint people. So here I am procrastinating before I finally kick my ass out of the house. Therefore, a random entry with Sugar pictures!!!

It's a lazy Saturday.

Many a times, I make plans in the evening and laze my day off first. Downside of such a plan is enjoying the laze too much. Blah blah blah. :/ Now I'm bored and find this update rather meaningless. Lol.

 photo IMG-20150117-WA0005_zpsbdimpffd.jpg

Okay. I'm going to prepare and head out now!

 photo 20150117_174142_zpswrii3jus.jpg
Bidding farewell with a picture of Sugar suntanning on my Dad's car. Lol.

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