Sunday, November 30, 2014

November's Snapshots

 photo 20141120_170406_zpspeqtqppu.jpg
A toilet selfie to kickstart this monthly picturespam!!!

 photo 20141103_081647_zpsqyqjfbbx.jpg
The long path leading to office...
Takes my short legs 15 minutes everyday to reach office.

 photo 20141107_181552_zpskfg8zwjr.jpg
One fine evening while waiting for Shan to start dinner.
ps: Most of my selfies are taken to send to friends!

 photo 20141109_031206_zpsslk9wlrl.jpg  photo 20141109_031227_zpsdecpfip4.jpg

Quality girlfriend time with Jolene! Caught 2 movies and had supper back at my place.

 photo 20141109_031230_zpsj7ixanvt.jpg  photo 20141109_031234_zpsvwyyzlzw.jpg

 photo 20141121_084011_zpsri2laffz.jpg  photo 20141121_084017_zpsqbqiafwp.jpg
I so loveeee this hair color!

 photo IMG-20141128-WA0011_zpsaamsgjgz.jpg
But it fades so freaking fast!
Cui hai again.

 photo IMG-20141128-WA0020_zpspf8vlp7j.jpg

 photo 20141121_132925_zpsobmekh9c.jpg
Me and my favourite friend at work. HEHE.
Here's us after lunch hailing for a cab back.

 photo IMG-20141114-WA0001_zpsnz2i0wzi.jpg

 photo 20141105_081930_zpsnk2eiyc6.jpg  photo IMG-20141105-WA0002_zps4bhbkpfc.jpg

 photo IMG_20141128_123730_zpslbiubplf.jpg
Lunch one noon and my cui hair.

 photo 20141128_125044_zpsd5atgitz.jpg

 photo IMG-20141128-WA0015_zpsboxbgc3f.jpg  photo IMG-20141128-WA0014_zpsgihkzey9.jpg
My angmoh and me. HEHEHE.

 photo IMG-20141113-WA0007_zpszgib8d6i.jpg

 photo IMG-20141102-WA0006_zpsubhebrik.jpg
Sugar spam !!!!

 photo 20141102_184920_zps562hzqbm.jpg  photo 20141102_185039_zpsjsycsptk.jpg
Walking Sugar at the beach one evening. She hates the waves. lol.

 photo 20141102_234542_zpsxe2ni81c.jpg

 photo 20141102_234654_zpszz59yc28.jpg  photo 20141102_234814_zpsu7hjgrxr.jpg

 photo 20141102_234916_zpsiw6kpr8t.jpg

 photo IMG-20141104-WA0005_zpsfdddiyje.jpg

 photo IMG-20141115-WA0005_zpsvdmvuzzb.jpg
At the boarding house!
Dog attack!!!!!

 photo IMG-20141113-WA0004_zpsmsyljrga.jpg

 photo IMG-20141109-WA0001_zpsjmiaxvoy.jpg  photo IMG-20141109-WA0000_zpsnihfkylj.jpg
The number of Sugar sleeping pictures is too damn high!

 photo IMG-20141105-WA0008_zpsgsafxlyz.jpg
My sis sent me these pictures one fine day.
It looked like a normal picture of our house until I scroll to the next picture and scare myself. Lol.

 photo IMG-20141105-WA0007_zpss8a3ei9p.jpg
Sugar trying to scare my sis staying in that same spot staring at my sis lol

 photo IMG-20141102-WA0003_zpsugdwvtkb.jpg
She makes it so hard to leave home sometimes.

 photo IMG-20141128-WA0029_zpsyr3pkpgo.jpg  photo IMG-20141128-WA0031_zps6ajca1z8.jpg  photo IMG-20141128-WA0034_zpsudh1hn89.jpg
Forced selfie!

 photo 20141130_154056_zpsiehqh3oj.jpg
After grooming!

 photo 20141130_154234_zpsv4sn4wrx.jpg  photo 20141130_154235_zpsgdynyqia.jpg  photo 20141130_154237_zpslrnfxrpy.jpg

 photo 20141130_155512_zpsojbwxp7j.jpg

 photo IMG-20141121-WA0004_zpsqthqw3yy.jpg  photo IMG-20141121-WA0003_zps21z8as1v.jpg

 photo 20141116_120959_zps3mf8iaxw.jpg

 photo IMG-20141130-WA0006_zpspzqnuk6r.jpg
OKAY BYE!!! :p

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