Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another "Last Time"

On top of just schoolwork, my mind has been unknowingly filled with destructive thoughts. :/ The stress and random thoughts are killing me! Somehow.

I do hope it's the last time I'm making such entries~ My new aspiration is to be.......... "雅音" I reckon it's achievable though... How can one be so... forgiving, happy, naive, genuine and nice in reality!! lol. But but, I'll still try! :3

Anyway, I got caught up with my own insecurity again (what's new?).

If people actually bothers and cares about you....
I believe they'll keep you in the loop.
I believe they won't just do surface-patronizing.
I believe they won't accidentally dismiss you too often.
I believe they won't only remember you when they need something(emotionally too!).
I believe if someone actually cares and really bothers, it can be felt by the receiving party.
Unfortunately, I've been getting only negative signals from people who are supposedly close and nice to me. :/
ps: I can't help it if you feel the pinch uh!

I admit, it's just me.
Seriously, I have major issues. This is such a toll. >< On the other hand, I'm glad I'm at least 90% (I'm certain!) over some issues that has been nothing but a burden and a heartache over the months.

For now, I just wanna do well for my assignments, my exams and get back on track for my work. :)