Thursday, May 10, 2012

My 4-Day Week! ☻

ps: My favourite shot and outfit of the weeeeeek on Wednesday! ^^

My week started kindda off with rainy Monday morning....................

It was chilly, dark and drizzling when I left home.
I had to bus down in the stomy best-to-sleep-in weather when I was already darn sleepy to begin with! By the time I reach office, I was totally not in the mood for anything!
Slightly grumpy, very moodless and extremely sleepy!

It is so rare but I think that's a Monday Blue! :O My first Monday Blues.. Lol. I survived through work and got to lunch where my mood was a lot better. I was still sleepy though.

In fact, I think it's a really sleepy week. I find myself struggling to stay awake at work 3 out of 4 days!! =,= face while trying to concentrate. I remember leaving for the toilet to shake off the sleepiness!

Like the saying goes "After Every Storm, Comes A Rainbow" ; Well, there wasn't a rainbow (hmmmmz.) but as always, the Sun came back on, shining like-a-bitch very brightly! ☼☼☼
&My moodlessness dried up by the time it was time to leave office.

Then again, whose mood will be bad when it's time to knock off?!! loll.

Rushed to NEX to meet Weishan for a quick dinner. The food's pretty good BUT IT WAS DAMN RUSHY. Had to swallow(almost!) our dinner before running(almost!) to the theaters for our movie!
Lightbulbs Jolene, Yaping and Pierre Png lookalike Chee Fai were there too~~~ :D

"The Avengers" is pretty good. :) Go catch the hype if you haven't!
ps: I like Captain American, Hawkeye and HULK! hukhuk. :33

Movie ended and we were in for some desserts! Seriously, dinner didn't felt like dinner because we totally rushed through it. >:( End up settling down at Cafe Cartel for their Happy Hour: 50% discount. Had a great time chatting and laughing in the cold restaurant enjoying our desserts!

After Monday night, my week became all better! ^^ It's always a great time when it's with my girlfriends!!!
My sunshine after the rain. kekk.

OH YA! I received a shocking news before work ended too! Was feeling all :O and :( but I've gotten over it. Still :( but............................... :( :( :(

Tuesday was. Then there's Wednesday before Thursday(with a bit work issues). :D See, my week was awesome! ;) Even more awesome when there's no TGIF!!!! hehehe. Just calculated. For the past two weeks, I've only worked 7 days with Public Holiday and my MCs last week then my leave tomorrow. HEHHH.

HEHHH but T^T too. My work is piling up Up UP!

Sister's birthday today~~


Dinnered at the family's favourite chicken rice resturant!!! ^^

Can't wait for her friends to come over for her surprise! HEHEHE. :p