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SeoulTogether • Samgyetang, Dynamic Maze, Bukchon Hanok & Gwangjang Market


Compared to our third day, this day was a lot more chill. There was a lot of walking, but it was a pretty simple day. Super glad we switched up our activities; seeing more places the day before and thus able to visit more places for our fourth day! Actually, it was just additional one place we marked as a 'nice to go'. HEHE.

Random fact: We twirled my gorilla-pod on the apartment's coat hanger to get all these shots. Then, we left it there for daily snaps. Hahahaha.

Korea has gorgeous dessert / pastry selection! Not seen in my shots; but really.... I always wanna get too many things from their bakeries!

Got tempted and got this cream filled pastry!

First order of business; BREAKFAST!
Not a fan of ginseng, but had to check out this famous(?) restaurant that is dubbed to have the best Samgyetang (삼계탕) in Korea ; Tosokchon Samgyetang (토속촌 삼계탕).

My second samgyetang, so I can't judge if this is really the best, but it was pretty tasty! Ordered two kinds of chicken, their black chicken and their normal one... Not sure if there is a difference in taste, but I suppose black chickens are more nutritious? Since my mum makes herbal soup with it. HEHE. Their soup is really fragrant though.

I enjoyed the dining experience too... Traditional sit down on the ground kind, interesting until the legs start getting numb. Hahhaha.

Oh right! We also ordered their pancakes. And as you can see, I travel with picky eaters.... See how much scallions were picked out!! That green patch on both their plates! Tsktsk. Lol. We are also not clean chicken eaters; much meat were left. Lol.

Not sure if it is evident that though we travel as 3, we only order food portion for 2 because Weishan pretty much don't eat. LOL!!! She eats SO LITTLE! Why can't I have her appetite too? :(  She also isn't a fan of tteokbokki (떡볶이), SAY WHAT!! But I guess, no loss for us? Because the food cost splits into 3 nonetheless. HAHAHAHHA. Poor Shan.

Off to our next destination~ The restaurant is near Gyeongbukgung and we past it while heading down to Insadong. ✌️

Chanced upon a random waffle place.

Wasn't on our schedule that day, but we were walking so much that we wanted some rest; Exploring the streets (&shopping, duh!) while trying to find our next location.

SO GOOD! Pancakes so soft and yasssss whipped cream!
The fruits were sweet too! Berries frozen cold.

After fuelling, we continued a long way to find our next activity... We actually passed it a couple of times because it wasn't right-in-your-face kind of obvious. Even had to check with the tourism board to get it right. Lol.

Dynamic Maze X !!

Not knowing what we were going into........... Was only aware we would be heading in through the mouth and going through a series of obstacles to exit.

As the name suggest, it was dynamic!

We had to crawl, climb, squeeze and find our way in darkness... It was very fun for me. But we all had knee bruises from the rope crawling. And for once, I was glad I'm short! LOL! The girls were complaining about body aches because they had to bend down a lot. :p

I was also very embarrassed at one point because I couldn't run up this slanted wall with rollers at the side. I kept sliding back down. I took so long that another group came in. SHIT. hahahha.

We entered through the lion's mouth and had to squeeze out the exit shown on the right of this picture. It was much later that we realise............................ The exit is actually its anus. WHAT!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. The thought of it is gross!

It was very very very difficult to squeeze out. We were stuck there for so long. Another group (same group of girls who witnessed me struggle on the wall lol) was with us and everyone took turn to try.

There was a point where Shan's feet was outside for a while........ It was stuck outside because we couldn't push her body out. HAHAHAHA. Too funny.

Just imagine her feet sticking out of the lion's anus. JUST PICTURE IT!! Lol. And it was wriggling for a while before she brought it back in because it was really too difficult.

New friends part 2! This time from Taiwan. :)
The girls who saw me struggle and joined us to figure how to exit the anus.

After a tiring but fun 30 minutes in the maze, we continued our day checking out Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을).

Someone actually lives here! Looks pretty, isn't it?
Like a house that would appear in a Korean drama.

We actually went all the way up to look for the view where you could see both the city and the traditional houses, but didn't seem to have found the right spot. This short building we found that had the rooftop view was chargeable. Meh. So we somewhat gave up and just walked around the area... It was pretty enough!

Then we walked past this slope up.
And the girls didn't wanna go up in vain so they got me to check out the view first. Damn bully!

Resting downstairs while making me climb the stairs up. SOBS.

But this was the view and they weren't impressed so I had to go back down. LOL!

Spotted this really nice shop and checked out what they sell!

Lavender flavoured! Very light, very nice!
PS: Flower not included. We picked it up somewhere. LOL.

So colourful, so pretty! 😍😍😍

I was so tempted to get a mini plant home.............. So nice!!!!!

After Bukchon Hanok Village, we travelled to Gwangjang Market 광장시장 for dinner! One of the oldest traditional markets, but very clean and well maintained!

First time I was there in 2014, it was in the afternoon and there wasn't much crowd. This time, it reminded me of Running Man? Lol. Though it still wasn't very crowded, there were definitely more people than the last time I was there.

Most stalls were slowly closing.

I also got a bag of kimchi home from this market; which..... didn't seem to go as well as I'd planned. We had a few more days to go so I left my bag of kimchi in the apartment's fridge.. Just one night, the bag of kimchi bloated up to this huge balloon! Didn't know if I could still bring it home, but I did anyway. Lucky it wasn't spoilt? No idea what, but it just made the bag really huge. To the extent I thought it would burst.

Came here for these mung bean pancakes!

😋😋😋 Bindaetteok 빈대떡!

Also checked out other food!

Japchae 잡채, Tteokbokki 떡볶이 and Eomukguk 어묵국
I'll get their hot fishcake soup anytime!

Our dinner sight was disturbing for Jolene though. HAHHAA

Shan and our Lotte Mart goods!

It was around 8pm when we were done with dinner. Having completed majority of our itineraries (we left out Dongdaemun 동대문 because there won't be much for us), we just headed down to Lotte Mart to shop for snacks to buy home! :)

Exhausted by the time we were back home! But after unloading, we still went out to Hongdae to experience the never ending energy and night life they have! Hehe. Every night, there's just different groups of people performing and dancing / singing their hearts out with a bigger group of fans singing / cheering along. The energy is really amazing!

Fast forward to 2017: It seems like our Orchard road is slowly having such a thing? More of such a scene. Outside Wisma, there'll be a few buskers and a mini crowd just sitting around and watching them. It's nice..... Because some of them buskers are really good singers!

&That's all for our fourth day! ^^

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