Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Me Before You

I have learnt that in life, nothing last forever. Nothing.
The good times, and the bad times...
They will eventually pass.

Despite today being a terrible Tuesday, everything became alright after having a good evening out with Jolene. Friends make my world go round. ♥

Picture with Jo from our Denim Date

We caught a beautiful beautiful movie tonight - And it got me thinking quite a bit.
It is great though, a good distraction from my negative thoughts about the new place I am in.

There was no scene too boring for me, the leading actors had so much chemistry it was fun to watch, and I really appreciated the realistic ending - Where the male protagonist still went ahead with his decision to end his life.

The concept about euthanasia is probably a huge controversy...... (I just did a quick search, and there was indeed backlashes on the film due to the underlying message about disabled being burdens and better off dead.)

Hmmm. While I agree it is a very sensitive subject open to plenty of debates, I didn't think that much during the movie. Lol. I just thought it was a realistic ending because despite falling in love with a woman so full of life, he still decided that the pain was too much to bear.

Well... The film/book is titled "Me Before You". I got the connection much later, but the title kindda already tells you it would go in the direction where the character would prioritize himself? No?

I mean... If the story were to end off with him changing his mind, what difference would the film make from all other love stories? Love triumphs all~ Does it really? It is such a glorified notion when in reality, there's so much more to a relationship after falling in love.

In this story's case... There'll be so much more work to be done for caring the male character than just the lovey dovey parts. I'm not a fan of big fantasy ideas. They are most of the time, just ideas. There's only so much one can take, and being in love doesn't last. There's also so much uncertainty to his condition sometimes!

Everyone has a different tolerance threshold. While some (maybe many) thinks it is a very selfish idea to leave all the people who love and support you behind, I thought it is as selfish of the people who wants the less fortunate to continue living.

It's beyond physical pain that the less fortunate have to go through... The emotional roller coaster from guilt, frustration/anger, jealousy (of others who are 'normal'), self-pity and just... sadness.. Not everyone can go through the same adversity positively.

Who can really understand what goes on in another's mind? And who can really understand what these people really go through? We are not them... There's only so much we can do to help and only so much we can do to be there for them. Many times, we have our own lives to live too...

Of course, I am not saying it would be a good idea to end your life when you're less fortunate. I just think... if I were in the male characters' shoes, I would have wanted euthanasia too.

Yes, it'll be painful for my loved ones, but the pain of the loss will be "shorter" than living with me in my disability and emotional instability. People eventually move on from ones' death (1 year, 2 years, 3?); They will have to continue with their own lives... and daily episodes would make the pain slowly bearable. Not saying they'll forget the people they lost, just..... life happens, life goes on and time flies.

This is compared to me living with my issues... If I decide to stay alive with my physical and emotional complication for 5 years, my loved ones suffer together for this 5 years and then again when I pass. Or 10 years. Full 10 years of suffering. There'll be so much my loved ones have to bear... Medical costs, my unstable emotions and bad tantrums...

Yes, one can argue that there'll be great moments too.... But many times in life, people remember the negativities more. I would wanna live my life happy and leave my life being happy. Choosing to end my life gives me more control in that sense.

All these thoughts with the idea that I'm suffering as much as the male character in "Me Before You" and I cannot overcome my issues.

This is such a grey area in reality, isn't it? Made me think about the conversation I once had with friends back in 2014 (entry here)... "Whether to abort or keep babies you have when you're under-aged, or rather, unable to provide and raise the kid on your own."

Anyway! There's not always a right or wrong in life. There's so much more to consider than just at a decision.

And wow, a very long wordy entry. Lol.

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